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update fs.createReadStream() and fs.createWriteStream() #19

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Commits on Dec 15, 2012
  1. add createReadStream() and createWriteStream()

    Lars-Magnus Skog authored
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@@ -421,9 +421,15 @@ This writable stream contains the standard system error stream for your program.
## fs
-### fs.createReadStream()
+### [fs.createReadStream()](
-### fs.createWriteStream()
+This function returns a readable stream from a file descriptor (e.g. a file or pipe). You can configure the stream to
+use different encodings and read parts of the file by setting start and end offsets.
+### [fs.createWriteStream()](
+This function returns a writable stream to a file descriptor. There are similar options if you want to append
+to a file rather than overwrite it etc.
## net
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