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37 notes april 28
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-want markers to have flag that makes a marker "dragable"
- modify position for just one run
- want note of moved
- "clone" markers
- description of each marker displayed to right of marker
-export list of selected markers
-Create Deformation button functionality
--uses to create a deformation defined by user
--input params
- strike,
- width
- length
--have multiple faults in a single deformation
--have name of deformation
--need user login to create deformation <-- non-trivial
--called "input name".param
--processed on frontnode, about five mins
--"need" to view the inforamtion (export)
-add shoreline information
--note: the sea level/post earthquake is information that needs to be submitted to job
-(DONE) make box boundries thinner (and red to diferentiate from shorelines)
-documentation on how to...
- add new button
- create new grids from website
- extending functionality of project
- ideas on how to communicate between website and midnight (json string->frontnode)
-make interface for changing cron frequency in admin tab
-push params to
-finish something and make it work
-include documentation for the subset that we get running
0 oldstuff/files function.odt → oldstuff/files-function.odt
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