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require('vm') like in node but for the browser
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emulate node's vm module for the browser

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Just write some client-side javascript:

var vm = require('vm');

$(function () {
    var res = vm.runInNewContext('a + 5', { a : 100 });

compile it with browserify:

browserify entry.js -o bundle.js

then whip up some html:

    <script src=""></script>
    <script src="/bundle.js"></script>
    result = <span id="res"></span>

and when you load the page you should see:

result = 105


vm.runInNewContext(code, context={})

Evaluate some code in a new iframe with a context.

Contexts are like wrapping your code in a with() except slightly less terrible because the code is sandboxed into a new iframe.


This module is depended upon by browserify, so you should just be able to require('vm') and it will just work. However if you want to use this module directly you can install it with npm:

npm install vm-browserify



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