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Texture Desktop is here! 🎉

Please download the and start writing an article from scratch, or download, extract and open the sample article (

This is an early beta release: there are likely to be missing features and bugs. We would ❤️to hear your suggestions and 🐛 reports!


  • Electron Desktop Application
  • New article design (similar to eLife's)
  • Support for managing reusable entities (persons, organisations, citations)
  • Structured author and affiliation editing
  • Structured citation editing supporting 12 publication types
  • Introduced Document Archive, an abstraction for a self-contained file format including assets
  • Added default citation formatter (to be tweaked)
  • Drag and drop images from the Desktop
  • Storage interface to store manuscript XML + assets
  • Generated labels are now exported. E.g. for <xref> elements
  • Update to Substance v1.0.0-preview.32