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Substrate Developer Hub

Documentation, samples, and tutorials for the Substrate framework for building blockchains.


  1. substrate-docs substrate-docs Public

    Substrate Developer Hub. Substrate is powered by best in class cryptographic research and comes with peer to peer networking, consensus mechanisms, and much more.

    JavaScript 120 262

  2. awesome-substrate awesome-substrate Public

    A curated list of awesome projects and resources related to the Substrate blockchain development framework.

    705 138

  3. hackathon-knowledge-map hackathon-knowledge-map Public template

    Substrate Knowledge Map for Hackathon Participants

    JavaScript 39 13

  4. substrate-node-template substrate-node-template Public template

    A new FRAME-based Substrate node, ready for hacking.

    Rust 873 999

  5. substrate-front-end-template substrate-front-end-template Public template

    A Polkadot.js API + React based template for building Substrate Front Ends

    JavaScript 293 319

  6. substrate-parachain-template substrate-parachain-template Public template

    A new Cumulus-based Substrate node, ready for hacking.

    Rust 206 130


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