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Awesome Substrate Awesome

Please see awesome-dot for a similar list that is more general to the entire Polkadot ecosystem, not just Substrate.

An awesome list is a list of awesome things curated by the Substrate community.

Substrate is a framework for building upgradable, modular and efficient blockchains. Substrate is an open-source library of Rust code that is maintained by Parity Technologies. Source code available on GitHub.







  • DotLeap - Polkadot and Substrate Community blog and newsletter.
  • Official - Published by Parity.



  • Base - Minimal FRAME-based node, derived from upstream.
  • Frontier - Fronter enabled EVM and Ethereum RPC compatible Substrate node, ready for hacking.
  • Front-End - Polkadot-JS API and React app to build front-ends for Substrate-based chains.
  • Parachain - Cumulus enabled Substrate node, derived from upstream.
  • substrate-stencil - A template for a Substrate node that includes staking and governance capabilities.
  • polkadot-js-api-ts-template - A template project to kickstart hacking on top of @polkadot/api.
  • INK!athon - Full-stack dApp boilerplate with ink! smart contracts and a React frontend using the useInkathon (listed below) hooks library maintained by Scio Labs.
  • Subsocial Starter Kit - A starter-kit for building web3 social apps for the Polkadot ecosystem, powered by the Subsocial blockchain.

FRAME Pallets

Framework Extensions

  • Bridges - A collection of tools for cross-chain communication.
  • Cumulus - A set of tools for writing Substrate-based Polkadot parachains.
  • FRAME - A system for building Substrate runtimes.
  • Frontier - End-to-end Ethereum emulation for Substrate chains.
  • ink! - Rust smart contract language for Substrate chains.
  • IntegriTEE - Trusted off-chain execution framework that uses Intel SGX trusted execution environments.
  • Polkadot-JS - Rich JavaScript API framework for front-end development.

Client Libraries



  • offline-election - Tool to predict nominated proof-of-stake elections.
  • offchain::ipfs - Substrate infused with IPFS.
  • polkadot-js-bundle - A standalone JS bundle that contains Polkadot{JS} libraries.
  • polkadot-launch - Simple CLI tool to launch a local Polkadot test network.
  • polkadot-runtime-prom-exporter - A Prometheus exporter for Polkadot runtime metrics (modifiable for Substrate use).
  • polkadot-scripts - A collection of scripts Parity uses to diagnose Polkadot/Kusama.
  • polkadot-starship - Another tool to launch a local Polkadot test network, with emphasis on the ability to run big testnets.
  • srtool-actions - GitHub actions to easily use the srtool Docker image to build your own runtime.
  • srtool-cli - CLI frontend for the srtool Docker image.
  • srtool - Docker image to deterministically build a runtime.
  • subsee - CLI to inspect metadata of a Substrate node as JSON.
  • subalfred - An all-in-one Substrate development toolbox.
  • substrate-balance-calculator - Breakdown the balances of your Substrate account.
  • substrate-balance-graph - Create a graph of the token balance over time of a Substrate address.
  • substrate-graph-benchmarks - Graph the benchmark output of FRAME pallets.
  • substrate-js-utils - A set of useful JavaScript utilities for Substrate that uses the Polkadot{JS} API; Also deployed as a website.
  • substrate-society - A basic front-end for the FRAME Society pallet.
  • substrate-toml-lint - A toml parser and checker to avoid common errors in Substrate projects.
  • subwasm - CLI to inspect a runtime WASM blob offline. It shows information, metadata and can compare runtimes. It can also help you fetch a runtime directly from a node.
  • sup - Command line tool for generating or upgrading a Substrate node.
  • scale-value - Analogous to serde_json but for SCALE; Library to decode arbitrary SCALE encoded bytes into a dynamic Value given type info from scale-info.
  • scale-decode - Decode SCALE bytes into arbitrary custom types by implementing a visitor trait.
  • - Scalable, decentralized database, file storage, and computation services for Substrate chains and more.
  • Archive - Indexing engine for Substrate chains.
  • Dev Hub Utils - Unofficial utilities for working with official Substrate Developer Hub resources.
  • Europa - A sandbox for the Substrate runtime execution environment.
  • Fork Off Substrate - Script to help bootstrap a new chain with the state of a running chain.
  • fudge - Core lib for accessing and (arbitrarily) manipulating substrate databases, including the building and importing of local blocks.
  • Gantree Library - A suite of technologies for managing Substrate-powered parachain networks via rapid spin-up & tear-down.
  • Halva - A toolchain for improving the experience of developing on Substrate.
  • Hydra - A GraphQL framework for Substrate nodes.
  • Jupiter - Testnet for smart contracts written for the FRAME Contracts pallet and ink!.
  • Megaclite - Zero-knowledge tools for the Polkadot ecosystem.
  • Metadata Portal - A self-hosted webpage that shows the latest metadata and chain specs for any given network.
  • Minimark - Implementation of RMRK NFT v1/v2 protocol maintained by KodaDot.
  • Nova Polkadot Utils - Contains static info & metadata to support client apps in Polkadot ecosystem to map it to various netowrks.
  • Polkadot Vault (formerly Parity Signer) - Upcycle an unused mobile phone into an air-gapped hardware wallet.
  • Polkadot PANIC - Monitoring and alerting solution for Polkadot nodes by Simply VC, compatible with many Substrate chains.
  • Polkadot Tool Index - List of tools available for your development with Polkadot and any Substrate chain including Block Explorers, Wallets, Network Monitoring & Reporting, Clients, Benchmarking, Fuzzing, Forking, SCALE Codec, CLI Tools and much more.
  • Polkadot-JS Apps UI - Semi-official block explorer & front-end for Substrate-based chains.
  • Polkadot-JS Extension - Browser extension for interacting with Substrate-based chains.
  • Polkascan - Multi-chain block explorer maintained by Polkascan Foundation.
  • Proxy Hot Wallet Demo - A demonstration of a secure, convenient, and flexible hot wallet architecture built on Substrate primitives.
  • Redspot - A Truffle-like toolkit for smart contracts for the FRAME Contracts pallet and ink!.
  • Sidecar - REST service that runs alongside Substrate nodes.
  • SS58 Transform - Display key's addressees with all SS58 prefixes.
  • Staking Rewards Collector - A script to parse and output staking rewards for a given Kusama or Polkadot address and cross-reference them with daily price data.
  • Subkey - Command line utility for working with cryptographic keys.
  • SubQuery - A GraphQL indexer and query service that allows users to easily create indexed data sources and host them online for free.
    • Nova SubQuery API - A SubQuery API implementation for operation history and staking analytics.
  • Subscan - Multi-network explorer for Substrate-based chains.
  • Subsquid - An indexing framework (SDK + infrastructure) to quickly and easily turn Substrate and EVM on-chain data into APIs and host them.
  • Substate - 100% no-std/wasm compatible Substrate storage key generator library for Rust.
  • Substrate debug-kit - A collection of tools and libraries for debugging Substrate-based chains.
  • Substrate Docker Builders - A set of Dockerfiles and GitHub Actions to auto-build and push a Docker image for Substrate-based chains.
  • Substrate Faucet Bot - Python-based faucet for development purposes.
  • Substrate Graph - GraphQL indexer for Substrate-based chains.
  • Typechain-Polkadot - Hepls users to generate typescript types from contract ABIs (ink!) and generate runtime code to interact with contracts and deploy them.
  • TxWrapper - Helpful library for offline transaction creation.
  • VSCode Substrate - Plugin for Visual Studio Code.
  • - Multi-chain block explorer with API and DeFi support across 40+ parachains.
  • SubID - An advanced cross-chain portfolio management tool for the Polkadot ecosystem, allowing any user to see their balances across chains; view their crowdloan history; view their NFTs across Polkadot ecosystem chains; claim their vested tokens and perform cross-chain transfers.
  • Subsocial SDK Playground - Subsocial JS SDK Playground allows you to fetch spaces, send transactions on blockchain and test the SDK code snippets on the go without the need to download or setup anything locally.
  • Uptest Runtime upgrade tool - Uptest command line client and libuptest Rust library are two tools used for debugging storage changes and runtime upgrades.

Products and Services

  • OnFinality - Free and paid services to shared Substrate based nodes.
  • PrivHost - Public Tor .onion supported nodes for Polkadot, Kusama and Edgeware.
  • Substrate Devops Guide - Parity devops team's configuration and guidance on deploying, monitoring, and maintaining node infrastructure.

Alternative Implementations