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Provides access to Rust documentation and technical reference materials for Substrate and FRAME.

This section contains links to the Rust API documentation and technical reference materials for Substrate and FRAME tools and libraries.

  • Rust API highlights entry points into the Rust API documentation that is generated directly from the Substrate source code.

  • Glossary defines and explains concepts and terminology that are specific to blockchain technology or the Substrate ecosystem.

  • Command-line tools provides reference information for the most commonly-used command-line interface (CLI) tools.

  • Runtime APIs highlights the application programming interfaces that the runtime provides to support communication with outer node services.

  • FRAME pallets lists all of the pre-built pallets that you can include in your runtime.

  • FRAME macros describes the all of the FRAME macros you can use to build custom pallets.

  • Account data structures describes account-related data structures and how account properties are used to manage the account lifecycle in the runtime logic.

  • Type encoding (SCALE) describes the encoding scheme used in Substrate to minimize the data transferred over the network.

  • How-to reference guides lists the How-to quick reference guides that provide abbreviated instructions for accomplishing specific tasks. The How-to guides assume that you are already familiar with Substrate and programming in Rust.

  • XCM reference provides basic reference information for the cross-consensus message format, including descriptions of XCM instructions, registers, origins, and errors.