Official documentation on how to get Substratum and OMS up and working on your custom ROM! We support everyone!
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Substratum Documentation

In this repo, there will information regarding Substratum, OMS7, and our theme template. This is meant to be a jumping off point for ROMs and themers wanting to get on board with our platform. If there is something you feel needs to be added, either contact Nathan Chancellor using the info below or open an issue/pull request in this repo.

A lot of our development happens in Slack; if you think you should have access, please reach out to either Nathan Chancellor or Nicholas Chum using the information below to discuss it with them. This is open to contributors, ROM developers and themers.

Themers, please view this for info on submitting your theme for the showcase.

ROM developers, please read the top of the supported ROMs page for info on adding your ROM to that list.


We currently support two versions of Android: Nougat (7.x) and Oreo (8.x); the documentation is split to reflect this. Additionally, the information is split up between documentation for users and developers.

Getting help

Please understand that the Substratum team has a lot of responsibility and real life to worry about so it can take time for your issue to be dealt with! Please refer to the following table for info on where to go to be properly assisted.

Category Course of action (CHOOSE ONE)
App/theme related issues
Platform or Interfacer issues/questions
Theming related questions
Any other issues (sensitive, personal, kang, unknown) Contact Nathan Chancellor via either:

Team info and responsibilities

These are the people who make Substratum what it is. We have many contributors but these are the people who ultimately review and handle how Substratum is run. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Nathan Chancellor using the info above and he will make sure everything is handled accordingly.

Name Title Responsibilities
Nicholas Chum Lead Substratum Developer Handles the direction of Substratum the engine (app and platform integration)
Sykopompos Team Coordinator Handles all of the team coordination and issues while providing input for technical issues
Ivan Iskandar Theme Engine Developer Handles Substratum app development along with Interfacer and theme exposures
Surge Raval Binary and Algorithm Developer Handles AOPT, Interfacer, and sepolicy in platform
George G. Lead Experimental Developer Handles platform side integration in frameworks and sepolicy
Nathan Chancellor Documentation, community, and developer relations Handles the organization and review of Substratum across XDA, Google+, and Github, as well as handling any issues with themers and developers
Char G Social media community organizer Handles Substratum community relations and announcements
Harsh Shandilya App Engine Developer Handles Substratum app development along with Interfacer and theme exposures