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CSS3 Sugar

This sugar adds autocompletion for native and browser specific CSS3 properties as well as an overall enhanced CSS support.

CSS3 Features

  • gradients
  • multi columns
  • rgb, rgba, hsl, hsla
  • pseudo classes and elements
  • CSS-Animations (incomplete)
  • transforms (incomplete)
  • transitions (incomplete)

General Enhancements

  • Enhanced CSS-Syntax zones (e.g. id, class and pseudo selectors)

Install using Git


cd ~/Library/Application\ Support/Espresso/Sugars/
git clone git://

Install manually

Download the source and uncompress it. Rename the resulting folder to CSS3.sugar and put it in YourHomeFolder/Library/Application Support/Espresso/Sugars/.


  • media queries
  • background-size (browser-specifics)
  • reflections
  • webfonts

Not ready yet:

  • 3D transforms