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Mootools Github Badge

MooTools GitHub Badge

Super simple MooTools class for hooking up the JSON from GitHub with a SubtleTemplate. Create the template using custom html and it'll get populated automagically.


In your HTML:

<div id="github-badge"></div>
<pre id="github-badge-template" title="{description}">
    {fork} {forks} {homepage} {name} {owner} {private} {url} {watchers}
  • #github-badge is the parent element what will be emptied and refilled.
  • #github-badge-template is the template that will be String.substitute'd with the results of your JSON
  • You can use any tags you want, with any attributes you want. IDs are removed.
  • The template element can contain whatever you want.
  • The

In your Javascript:

new SubtleTemplate.GitHubBadge(options);


All options are… optional

  • username String
    default: "subtleGradient"
  • element Element | ID String
    default: "github-badge"
  • templateElement Element | ID String
    default: "github-badge-template"
  • filterData Function
    default: function(data){ return data.user.repositories; }
    The filterData function will be passed the JSON data as received from
    Whatever filterData returns will be used to populate your SubtleTemplate instance.
    Returning an array of objects (which is the default) will create multiple template instances.

SubClass with FX!

Simply replace SubtleTemplate.GitHubBadge with SubtleTemplate.GitHubBadge.Fade and you magically get animated row creation.

With SubtleTemplate.GitHubBadge.Fade you can pass in options for the tween using the tween option. EG:

new SubtleTemplate.GitHubBadge.Fade({ username:'subtleGradient', tween:{ speed:'fast' }})

Prebuilt Basic version!

If you don't want to fiddle with creating your own custom html and css and events...

You can use a basic pre-built GitHubBadge like this:


<div id="github-badge"></div>


new SubtleTemplate.GitHubBadge.Basic({ username:'subtleGradient' });


SubtleTemplate.GitHubBadge.Basic is a subclass of SubtleTemplate.GitHubBadge.Fade, so you can use all the same options that it accepts.

Additional options:

  • theme String ('white' | 'black')
    default: 'white'
    Themes are blatantly hard-linked to Dr.Nic's GitHub-Badge css files.

Thanks Dr.Nic!

This plugin is obviously a complete ripoff of Dr.Nic's GitHub-Badge. But I just happen to like MooTools better than jQuery. Also, I thought I'd add about 100 additional features in about half the code ;)

Oh yeah, Dr.Nic gave me permission to hard-link to his css. No problems. -- Dr. Nic