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We need some low-level template-handling stuff and some higher-level template stuff.

Low Level Ideas

Some possible uses. Boiled down as much as possible.
Don’t go into implementation or optimization here

  1. Simple String “templates”
    Use String#substitute asis?
  2. Simple Element “templates”
    Exactly the same as a string template, except you get the string from the corrected-for-IE innerHTML of an element.
    (basically what SubtleTemplates currently is)
  3. Advanced string “templates”
    like substitute but handles stuff like looping.
  4. Advanced Element “templates”
    The same as Simple Element templates, except uses the advanced string replacement method.
    Some way to define sub-templates or iterable templates.
  5. Data-Binding Object Templates
    Listens to events and repopulates automatically.



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