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-- Oozie 2.3.0 release
GH-0206 add a dependency management section to main pom
GH-0189 make ENV setting flexible to allow Unix standard layout for conf/logs/data/tmp
GH-0192 add favicon to Oozie embedded tomcat
GH-0188 embedded tomcat should have a ROOT webapp doing a redir to /oozie
GH-0184 Oozie should log Hadoop JAR version in use at startup
GH-0186 examples should use the JARs produced by sharelib
GH-0181 application path is resolved incorrectly to the URI of the workflow.xml
GH-0173 Add SecurityAuth.audit file to .gitignore
GH-0152 classpath of actions contains all JARs twice
GH-0165 should source ${OOZIE_HOME}/conf/
GH-0168 Being able to read Oozie configuration for an arbitrary directory
GH-0164 use a system property as logs dir
GH-0161 update DG_UsingHadoopKerberos.twiki
GH-0160 KerberosHadoopAccessorService should be the default
GH-0145 distro assembly permissions setting break re-build
GH-0151 examples should use a share lib
GH-0150 LauncherMapper should do a friendly display of the classpath of the JVM
GH-0149 create sharelib module with Pig/Streaming JARs
GH-0119 support for user() EL function in coord apps
GH-0131 add an embedded tomcat in Oozie distribution
GH-0183 update Oozie build to use Hadoop
GH-0060 actions should not be materialized after nominal time for current mode jobs
GH-0026 add support for multiple workflow XMLs in a single HDFS
GH-0091 typos in workflow spec doc
GH-0137 release-log.txt file misses 2.2.1 & 2.2.2 features/fixes
GH-0027 support for a share lib directory in HDFS for workflow action binaries
GH-0106 support for a system share lib directory in HDFS for workflow action binaries
GH-0024 leverage Hadoop rules for JT/NN Kerberos principal resolution
GH-0034 update/simplify examples
GH-0050 Oozie jobs configuration properties with variables should be resolved to concrete values.
GH-0004 Oozie console references the RowExpander.js file from an incorrect path.
GH-0132 master branch version should be updated to 2.3.0-SNAPSHOT
GH-0053 release notes are not up to date since 2.2.1 tag
GH-0054 Implement better way of managing test users in unit tests
GH-0023 script should take extjs ZIP file
GH-0025 javadoc generation does encoding warning
GH-0014 oozie-default.xml in documentation is not displayed
GH-0019 missing internal repo reference for artifacts in main POM
GH-0017 XTestCase starts minicluster with hardcoded group for proxyusers
GH-0016 Enable build to include Hadoop JARs in oozie.war
GH-0015 oozie client shell script has an invalid/not-needed variable
GH-0013 add mkdistro-*.out output files to .gitignore file
GH-0012 parameterize pig artifactIds in the POMs
GH-0011 Annotate Oozie group IDs in the POMs
GH-0003 The XTestCase.getTestUser() method returns the hardcoded username test.
-- Oozie 2.2.3 release
GH-0055 Oozie should not materialize a coordinator job right after its submission if the job will only run in far future
GH-0046 Add support the coordiator job submitted to run in far future
-- Oozie 2.2.2 release
GH-0040 coordinator rerun doesn't consider empty output-event
GH-0041 update ojdbc version
GH-0001 references SVN in bin/
-- Oozie 2.2.1 release
GH-0010 POM cleanup, remove unneeded repositories, remove/exclude commons-cli 2.0
-- Oozie 2.2.0 release
- adding Pig version number to pig execution log in launcher log
- simplify Oozie build
- oozie documentation is not included in oozie.war and standalone as
- simplify Oozie config/logs loading
- fixing location of RowExpander.js for web console in index.html
- jpa configuration refactoring
- Fix oozie UI
- Stop checking input directories if unable to find anyone directory
- Read default timeout from config file.
- Change update query to only modify required fields.
- Simplify client utility methods
- Http Submission of single MR/PIG job without corresponding workflow.xml
- oozie launcher failed when pig log not found.
- client API addArchive does not link file to a directory
- oozie.libpath needs to start with hdfs://namenode when submit pig job to certain versions of hadoop clusters
-- Oozie 2.1.0 release
- compositecommand uses hardcoded type, this limits concurrency by command type
- testcases time doubled, lot of exceptions on command queue on shutdown
- Set default coordinator action timeout to 2 hours.
- build/assembly changes
- oozie mistakes namenode as the jobtracker at white list validation
- single distribution should work both with Hadoop 20 and 20S
- use comma as separator for datasets
- Oozie should not package the Hadoop JARs
- Whitelist of valid Jobtracker & Namenode URIs
- blank whitelist should allow any namenode/jobtracker
- EL function in oozie coordinator to check data dependencies on the closest future data date
- EL function to generate a UTC date based on another UTC date
- instrumentation for commands in the queue.
- Queue Refactor
- instrumentation for commands in the queue
- Coordinator action rerun
- Change end_time and concurrency for a running coordinator job
- Change pause_time for a running coordinator job
- Annotate error message with jobID
- Set pending in SuspendCommand and reset pending in ResumeCommand
- Set time in super class bean
- Remove unnecessary command and service from the code.
- CoordRecoveryCommand update the job status unconditionally
- Fix admin -version
- Need to revisit prioritization of coordinator commands
- coordinator job takes long time (>10mins) to create new actions when released from being paused
- Set NN and JT Principal in JavaActionExecutor
- Adding support for hadoop 0.20.200
- Update document with two new EL functions in 2.1
-- Oozie 2.0.2 release
-- Oozie coordinator
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