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A Ruby sugar for MacRabbit's Espresso text editor
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A simple first stab at a Sugar for the Espresso text editor for Ruby source development.


Clone this project somewhere, with the following:

git clone git:// ./Ruby.sugar

And then link it to your syntaxes directory:

mkdir -p "~/Library/Application Support/Espresso/Sugars/"
ln -s "$(pwd)/Ruby.sugar" "~/Library/Application Support/Espresso/Sugars/"


As of 0.9b1, Espresso only supports one sort of syntax highlighting (that which is delivered with Espresso), and it's very rudimentary. For instance, the highlight that appears on function names only applies to items of name="*.name.*" that appear underneath items of name="*.function.*". This means that, although I'd like to have class names highlighted where they appear, I can't really do so without losing semanticity. Therefore this Sugar won't really look very complete if you install it, as things you might expect to be highlighted (such as aforementioned class names) won't be.

I guess we've just gotta wait for the next beta!

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