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Beware, some of these will take over some of your global keyboard shortcuts. It doesn’t interfere with anything I use obviously since I use all this stuff.

Balance Jr is the most useful thing evar. I have it bound to home and end

Live Preview of HTML, CSS & Source Code

  1. Open the Web Preview Window from the Window menu.
  2. Set your pipe through script to "$HOME/Library/Application Support/TextMate/Bundles/subtleGradient.tmBundle/Support/bin/42_TextMate_live_preview.rb" including quotes
    • You might have to adjust the path to wherever you install your bundles.

Then it’ll automatically refresh as you edit your code. It does a clickable diff of your unsaved changes in source files. It sets the <base> tag of any html file to your $TM_PROJECT_SITEURL. And it previews your CSS by injecting it into a <style> tag inside the html of whatever url is in the file /tmp/42_tm_css_live_preview_url.stupid_way_to_save_info. It might do some other stuff too, but I completely forget now.

Oh yeah, it also does a live render of your Textile or Markdown documents and runs your javascript code. It’s all based on the current language selected for your file.

Ruby Experimental

A modified version of the Ruby.tmlanguage that has much better support for methods, variables and such.

Menu structure as of Aug 6 2008

TextMate subtleGradient.tmBundle