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Random handy stuff from my ~/bin
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git-what-branch-repo git-what-branch
Create a New File Create a New File
Google Chrome Dev run Google Chrome with debugging or whatever
Node Inspector sugar to open node-inspector and run it
appify welcome to Appify 5!
appify-old moving out the old appify
f mdfind sugar
f-ext git grep in ExtJS for code only, returning paths
find-everything-that-uses.js NEW find-everything-that-uses now accepts a path to a manifest.json a…
g whatevz
ggrepmate git grep for a fixed string, returning TextMate links
ggrepmate-ext git grep from the root of the Sencha SDK for extjs code and tests onl…
git-bisect-phantomjs automate git bisect from the results of the console logs / errors fro…
git-branch-D-remote git helper to delete unneeded remote branches (asks first!)
git-branch-d-local style
git-commit-info style
git-completion.bash obligatory
git-first-local-commit git helper to get a ref
git-jira Jira CLI tools!
git-jira-open Jira CLI tools!
git-last-shared-commit git helper to get a ref
git-local-changed-files what files have changed in this topic-branch since it branched from u…
git-local-changes git helper to log unique local or upstream changes
git-log-Ext-Class wrapper for git log which returns all the paths which define a class …
git-log-jira CHANGED arguments. Now requires passing the ticket prefix make git-log-jira-as-html output valid HTML5
git-push-all-branches-to-sg push all local branches to sg remote
git-refname git ref helpers
git-trace-pull-request trace the pull request that a given commit came from
git-upstream-changes git helper to log unique local or upstream changes
git-upstream-ref git ref helpers
git-what-branch git-what-branch
github-pull-request fix the pull request thing some more
gitx many gitx\ many
home_dot_bash_profile ~/.bash_profile
home_dot_inputrc ~/.inputrc FTW Open a URL in IE6, IE7, IE8 & IE9 simultaneously
ip what is my ip for a given network thinggy e.g. `ip` or `ip en0` to be…
jira Jira cli tool setup info
js-console-log.logparse segmentation fault is an error
mf mf -- mate find
open.phantom.js random improvements to open.phantom.js
publish on localhost whoami, duh :/
refresh-Chrome refresh Chrome
refresh-Chrome-Dev Better Refresh browser implementation
refresh-Safari Better Refresh browser implementation
refresh-Safari-CSS Refresh Safari CSS
refresh-remote-desktop refresh the browser in remote desktop for mac
refresh-remote-desktop-debug refresh the browser in remote desktop for mac
run-jasmine.js slightly improved run-jasmine phantoms script
stake yourself sugar for running stakeout to run the script that you're editing
stakeout compiled michael mccracken stakeout binary
subtle-argv-parser.js Simple JS args parser
verify-syntax verify syntax of JS files using closure compiler
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