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FF6 Beyond Chaos EX Randomizer
Version:    2
Date:       February 17, 2019
URL:        https://github.com/subtractionsoup/beyondchaos
Discord:    https://discord.gg/S3G3UXy

	FF3 US 1.0 ROM
	If not running Windows, install Python 3.7+.

Running the randomizer:
    Windows users: run beyondchaos_ex.exe.
	Other users: run "randomizer.py" using Python version 3.7 (It DOES NOT work with python 2.)

Source ROM file:
    The randomizer will ask for a ROM file. Beyond Chaos does not provide this ROM. The simplest thing is to put the ROM in the same directory as Beyond Chaos and simply input the file name.
	e.g., "ff3.smc"
	If you prefer to keep the ROM in a different folder, enter the full path. e.g., "C:\Users\Kefka\Documents\snes\ff3.smc"
	The ROM used should be the FF3 US 1.0 ROM. Both unheadered and headered roms will work. If you use an incorrect or modified rom, the randomizer will warn you before continuing. To be sure, you can check that your rom is correct by comparing the unheadered checksum/hash:

    MD5 - e986575b98300f721ce27c180264d890
    CRC32 - a27f1c7a

Seed value:
    Next, the randomizer will ask for a seed value. The seed value is an integer number that can be used to share the same randomization with other people. If you don't know which seed you want, just leave this blank.

    Finally, the randomizer will ask for a list of flags. These allow you to customize what it randomizes.
	* If this is your first seed, I recommend typing:
	-dfklu partyparty makeover
	This will give you a good taste of Beyond Chaos while leaving out a few things that can sometimes be frustrating for new players. (partyparty and makeover are "secret" codes that randomize the sprites even more.)
	* If you find that too hard, try:
	-dfklmu partyparty makeover
	* The "typical" flags used by veterans are:
	-lk partyparty makeover

Output rom file:
    The randomizer generates two files, a patched rom file, and a mini-FAQ. Both files will have the seed value in their name. To play the game, load the patched rom file in your emulator. The mini-FAQ is a text file that mainly includes information about where to get items; colosseum rewards, monster steals and drops, shop info, and monster rages are all included.

--- OVERVIEW ---

    Beyond Chaos EX is a randomizer, a program that remixes game content randomly, for FF6. It is a fork of Abyssonym's Beyond Chaos randomizer with even more features. Every time you run Beyond Chaos EX, it will generate a completely unique, brand-new mod of FF6 for you to challenge and explore. There are over 10 billion different possible randomizations! Nearly everything is randomized, including treasure, enemies, colors, graphics, character abilities, and more.
    Beyond Chaos EX is also customizable. Using the flags in the above section, you can choose to only randomize certain parts of the game. Every flag you select will make the game a little more random, and also a little more difficult. Therefore, even experienced players should be able to find some challenge in the resulting game. As the game progresses, enemies may become more and more difficult, so that it becomes necessary to develop specialized strategies for individual formations.

Q: How do I play Beyond Chaos Ancient Cave mode?
A: There are three codes you can use. "ancientcave" is for the standard Ancient Cave mode with ~200 maps and takes a very long time to complete. "speedcave" is a shorter, faster mode (~100 maps) that is designed to be completed in one sitting. "racecave" is even shorter (~50 maps) and can be completed in one relatively short sitting. Input the code in the flags. For vanilla Ancient Cave mode, I recommend using "ancientcavez".

Q: How do I play Beyond Chaos Bingo?
A: The code is "bingoboingo". Use the code in the flags and the randomizer will ask you some more questions when the randomization is complete.

Q: How do I use different sprites?
A: Use the code "makeover" to randomly replace sprites. You can customize which sprites are available by checking custom/spritereplacements.txt.

Q: I lost my seed number but I still have the rom. Can I find my seed number again?
A: The seed is displayed in the auto-generated guide, in the rom's SNES header, and in the opening sequence with the magitek armor.

Q: I'm at Vargas but I don't have Blitz. How do I beat him?
A: You can defeat him normally without Blitz. His HP was lowered to make him beatable without much (if any) grinding.

Q: How do I defeat TunnelArmr without Runic?
A: Just kill it.

Q: How do I defeat Ultros at the Esper's hideout without Sketch?
A: Just kill it.

Q: Speaking of Sketch, was the Sketch Glitch patched?
A: No. Believe it or not, there are people out there who want to play using the Sketch Glitch, which is why the randomizer is based off of the FF3 US 1.0 rom. In an ideal world you would be able to choose whether or not to patch the glitch, but since there is such small demand for that kind of feature and it would take considerable effort, I haven't implemented it.

Q: The Moogle Charm doesn't work.
A: It was nerfed. FF6 uses a threat level based random encounter system, and Moogle Charm increases threat level by the lowest possible value without removing encounters altogether. The specifics are a bit complex, but you should think of it as having about a 1/256 encounter rate if you've been wearing it for a while. Also, some later dungeons might randomly ignore Moogle Charm altogether.

Q: I'm in a dungeon and the encounter rate is insanely high.
A: Some later dungeons have a chance to become high encounter rate dungeons. However, these dungeons are twice as vulnerable to the effects of Charm Bangle and Moogle Charm.

Q: The switches in the final dungeon don't seem to be working.
A: They work, I assure you... it seems like the game is a bit buggy when there are parties standing on multiple switches and one of the parties is standing on a switch it doesn't expect. Try moving everyone else off of any switches or in the worst case have them leave the room entirely.

Q: The Fanatics Tower is really long. What gives?
A: I've made some changes to the Tower, with the intent to make it the most frustrating, obnoxious dungeon possible. If you're stuck, here are some hints in ROT13 format. Decode them if you're having trouble.
    Hint #1:  Vg'f zber qvssvphyg tbvat hc guna pbzvat qbja.
    Hint #2:  Qba'g trg qvfgenpgrq. Fgnl sbphfrq ba lbhe tbny, naq riraghnyyl lbh jvyy ernpu vg.
    Solution: Fbzr gernfher ebbzf ner gencf gung qebc lbh gb n ybjre yriry bs gur gbjre. Nibvq gur gernfher ebbzf naq lbh jba'g trg fghpx.

Q: The old man in Narshe won't give me the Ragnarok esper. Is this a bug?
A: It's not a bug. Ragnarok (esper) is at a different location. Location: Gur obff ng gur gbc bs Snangvpf Gbjre unf vg.

Q: I heard that there's a secret item. How do I get it?
A: Va gur svany qhatrba, gurer'f n fznyy vagrevbe ebbz jvgu n qbbe cnfg n pbairlbe oryg gung vf vanpprffvoyr. Gb ernpu gur qbbe, lbh zhfg hfr na rkcybvg gung vf abeznyyl hfrq gb fxvc Cbygetrvfg va inavyyn SS6. Ybbx hc gur Cbygetrvfg fxvc gb svaq bhg ubj gb qb gur gevpx.

Q: I heard that there are secret codes. What are they?
A: I'll give you the codes, but be aware that these are codes that were used during development for testing the randomizer. I make no guarantees about their playability, and it's recommended that you play through the randomizer without codes at least once before you use them. Here they are, as always, in ROT13:

Q: What level should I be for the final dungeon?
A: It really depends on your gear and what builds you have access to. I usually end up going there around level 35-40, but it doesn't hurt to have a few absurdly high level characters to tank hits.

Q: Yo this is really hard.
A: Yeah I guess so. I was pretty careful to make sure it was always beatable, though. Obviously the difficulty depends on your specific randomization though, so if you're having trouble, don't feel bad about using savestates or anything. I tried to design the randomizer in such a way that savestates aren't necessary, but I can't account for everything. If you encounter anything that is absolutely absurd in difficulty, please let me know so I can try to adjust the balance for future versions. Also, save often! You never know when you'll randomly encounter a boss on the overworld or in a chest.

Q: I encountered <boss> as a random encounter/monster in a box! Is this a bug?
A: No.

Q: I can't choose my party for the final battle. Is this a bug?
A: No.

Q: I used Control on an enemy and ordered him to use a skill on his own party, but he attacked me instead!
A: Some skills are just like that. They're flagged to never be used on your own party.

Q: The final boss is impossible! How do I win?
A: Gur orfg cerpnhgvba lbh pna gnxr vf univat rabhtu UC gb fheivir Zrgrbe (hfhnyyl nobhg 5000) naq vaihyarenovyvgl gb znal fgnghf rssrpgf, rfcrpvnyyl Fvyrapr. Xrsxn jba'g pbhagre juvyr ur'f pnfgvat Tbare naq gur fperra vf funxvat, fb guvf vf gur orfg gvzr gb fgevxr.

Q: The boss of the Fanatics Tower is impossible! How do I win without Life 3?
A: Gur pynffvp fgengrtl bs Enfcvat uvz gb qrngu fgvyy jbexf, naq ur vf bsgra ihyarenoyr gb Ofrex. Hfvat Cnyvqbe gb ynaq gur svany uvg pna jbex, ohg or jnel gung ur zvtug fgneg gur onggyr jvgu vaangr Yvsr 3. Nyfb, vs lbh unir n Trz Obk be fvzvyne vgrz, vg zvtug nyybj lbh gb hfr na novyvgl va gur gbjre gung lbh abeznyyl pna'g hfr... Hygvzn pna or Ehavpxrq, sbe rknzcyr.

Q: Dude I've got like six cursed shields.
A: Fun fact, if you equip cursed shields on multiple party members, you can uncurse one of them 2x or 3x or 4x as quickly.

Q: I just got a Game Over, but I didn't get to keep my experience levels.
A: This feature was removed because it didn't work properly with one of the new esper boosts. I also wasn't very fond of it to begin with, because I would often get a Game Over and forget to reset so I don't miss out on valuable esper levels.

Q: Can you add X to the mini-guide that gets generated?
A: Let me know. I'm not sure what kinds of things people want in the mini-FAQ.

Q: The guide says a character can learn a spell naturally, but they haven't learned it.
A: Yeah, that's a bug I haven't bothered to figure out yet. I think it has to do with characters joining at a higher level than the magic they learn. They'll still learn the rest of their natural magic, though.

Q: Can you add X feature?
A: Maybe. I'm open to suggestions, but things that require a lot of effort probably won't get made.

Q: Can I add X feature?
A: Possibly! Even if I don't think it's a good idea for the standard settings, it could be a secret code. Send me a pull request to the project's Github.

Q: Does Beyond Chaos EX work with X mod?
A: Probably not, especially if the mod makes large changes. But try Beyond Chaos Gaiden, which does work with Brave New World.

Q: Does Beyond Chaos EX work on a real Super Nintendo?
A: Absolutely! Beyond Chaos has been tested on both Super Everdrive and SD2SNES, and it works 100% perfectly.

Q: I found a bug!
A: The best thing to do is report it on the Beyond Chaos Discord.

	Abyssonym - original Beyond Chaos creator
	subtractionsoup - maintainer of Beyond Chaos EX
    CtrlxZ - fixed up sprites for Beyond Chaos
	DarkSlash - madworld and darkworld codes
	emberling - speeddial and randomized music
	glennmatthews - Command descriptions in logfile
	Lockirby2 - The worringtriad and notawaiter codes
    myself086 - new menu features and natural magic expansion

    cecil188 - OG beyond chaos fan
    fathlo23 - RPG speedrunner and BC challenge runner
    ffmasterfoobar - twitch broadcaster who did a lot of initial playtesting for my entertainment
    greenknight5 - bc_cecilbot programmer
    kupofasa - original permadeath runner
    quikdraw7777 - permadeath community leader and pioneer
    tenkarider - romhacker who gave me lots of early feedback, and creator of the Ultimate Czar Dragon hack, FF6 Curse of the Gods, and many other challenges
    Synchysi - esper restriction patch
    ff6hacking.com community - additional sprites, see custom/sprites/credits.txt for details