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Implementation of OLA-HD ("Ein OCR-D-Langzeitarchiv für historische Drucke")
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OLA-HD: A Long-term Archive System

OLA-HD is a mixture between an archive system and a repository. The input is a .zip file whose content is structure as BagIt. The zip content will be validated before any further actions take place. Data uploaded to the system will be stored in both tapes and hard drives. The separation rules are defined in the configuration file. In addition, each uploaded zip get a persistent identifier (PID). This PID can be used for sharing, citing, and versioning purposes.

A Swagger documentation is available at /swagger-ui.html.

Please click here to experience the prototype.

Project structure

├── .env                 -> environment variables for all Docker images
├── .gitignore
├── .gitlab
│   └── issue_templates  -> templates used by Gitlab when users want to create issues
├── back-end
│   ├── .dockerignore    -> list of files which should not be copy to Docker container during the build process
│   ├── .gitignore
│   ├── Dockerfile       -> a file to dockerize the system
│   ├── mvnw             -> Maven wrapper to build the project in case Maven is not installed
│   ├── mvnw.cmd         -> Maven wrapper for Windows
│   ├── pom.xml          -> project dependencies
│   └── src
│       └── main
│           ├── java     -> all source codes
│           └── resources
│               ├──        -> config file for development
│               ├──         -> config file for production
│               └──                    -> config file for both
├──             -> run this file to build the Docker image and start up the whole system (database, back-end, front-end, reverse proxy)
└── docker-compose.yml   -> describe all images in the system


Install and run

git clone
cd ola-hd


Import a file

To import a file, send a POST request to the /bag endpoint. This endpoint does not open to public. Therefore, authentication is needed to access it.

curl -X POST \ \
     -H 'Authorization: <your-credential>' \
     -H 'content-type: multipart/form-data' \
     -F file=@<path-to-file>

In the response, a PID is returned in the Location header.

Import a new version of a work

To import a new version, in addition to the .zip file, a PID of a previous work version must be submitted as well.

curl -X POST \ \
     -H 'Authorization: <your-credential>' \
     -H 'content-type: multipart/form-data' \
     -F file=@<path-to-file>
     -F prev=<PID-previous-version>

Full-text search

To perform a search, send a GET request to the /search endpoint. The query is provided via the q parameter, e.g. /search?q=test

curl -X GET

Search by meta-data

Besides full-text search, users can also search by meta-data. Currently, OLA-HD supports meta-data from Dublin Core. To use it, prepend the meta-data with dc, e.g. /search?q=dcCreator:John

IMPORTANT: a PID always contains a forward slash, which is a special character. For that reason, search by identifier (PID) can only be perform as a phrase search and the double quote must be encoded as %22.

curl -X GET

Quick export

Data stored on hard drives can be quickly and publicly exported. To do so, send a GET request to the /export endpoint. The id must be provided as a URL parameter.

curl -X GET --output

Full export request

To initiate the data movement process from tapes to hard drives, a full export request must be made. In the request, the identifier of the file is specified. Then, the archive manager will move this file from tapes to hard drives. This process takes quite long, hours or days, depending on the real situation. To send the request, simply send a GET request to the export-request endpoint with the id.

curl -X GET

Full export

After the export request was successfully fulfilled, the full export can be made.

curl -X GET --output
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