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Metaproxy configuration for SUB Göttingen.

2012-2013 by Sven-S. Porst, SUB Göttingen <>. 2015 Hans-Werner Hilse


  • conf: files for configuration and setup
    • SUB.xml: main configuration loaded by the metaproxy command; includes:
    • zoom.xml: main configuration containing the database setup
    • dspace/: configuration files for serving data from DSpace’s Solr index
      • dspace-route.xml: Metaproxy route configuration
      • dspace.pqf: map SRU index names to Solr index names
      • dspace-pql-to-solr.xsl: map Z39.50 index numbers to Solr index names
      • dspace-to-marc21.xsl: convert Solr documents with DSpace’s extended DC-fields (and then some) to MARC
      • dspace-solr-to-dc.xsl: convert Solr documents from DSpace to the extended DC-format used by DSpace’s (unreliable) SRU interface add-on
    • zvdd/: configuration files for serving data from the ZVDD Solr index
      • zvdd-route.xml: Metaproxy route configuration
      • zvdd-add-iswork.xsl: add an extra condition to all queries
      • zvdd.pqf: map SRU index names to Solr index names
      • zvdd-pql-to-solr.xsl: map Z39.50 index numbers to Solr index names
      • zvdd-solr-to-mods.xsl: for extracting MODS data from a Solr field
      • zvdd-solr-to-mets.xsl: for fetching METS data based on the ID in a Solr field
      • test:
        • test-all.yaz-commands: commands for yaz-client to test all output formats
        • zvdd-solr.xml: example record
    • explain/: folder with explain responses; its content is generated by the script
      • explains.xml: type sru_z3950 filter tag with explain responses for all databases; loaded into »config/SUB.xml« with XInclude
      • $DATABASE.xml: for each database $DATABASE the explain response
    • metaproxy.init: init script for SUSE Linux
    • metaproxy.logrotate: logrotate configuration for Metaproxy
    • metaproxy-apache.logrotate: logrotate configuration for Metaproxy’s Apache virtual host
    • metaproxy-vhost.conf: Apache virtual host configuration
    • script to create explain responsed from the »SUB.xml« configuration; uses the »xsl/zoom-to-explains.xsl« and »explains-to-srufilter.xsl« stylesheets
  • xsl: stylesheets used by the configuration
    • dc-cleaner.xsl, marcxml-cleaner.xsl: clean up DC and MARC output
    • marcxml-sort.xsl: Sort MARC fields in ascending order
    • indent.xsl
    • solr-to-dc.xsl: Create DC tags for solr fields named »dc:…«
    • url-encode.xsl: Percent escapes characters
    • MarcXML2TurboMarc.xsl
    • iso-639-2-to-639-2b.xsl: language code conversion
    • MODS3-4_MARC21slim_XSLT1-0.xsl, MODS3-4_DC_XSLT1-0.xsl, MARC21slimUtils.xsl, DC2MARC21slim.xsl: stylesheets from
    • explains-to-srufilter.xsl zoom-to-explains.xsl: Stylesheets used by »config/«