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Index Data’s metasearch deamon. With a few extra commits/branches of my own.
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This branch is 186 commits ahead, 6 commits behind piskvorky:cmd_ingested

add support for a <metadata> container tag

so one can have a setup like

	<metadata name="language" brief="yes" merge="unique" termlist="yes"/>
	<metadata name="id" brief="yes"/>
	<metadata name="lccn" merge="unique"/>

The underlying desire is to be able to include the complete metadata setup with XInclude.
This requires us to have a single container with all elements.

This patch adjust the metadata element counting and evaluation to interpret both metadata tags on their own and containers with metadata tags in them.
Attributes of a metadata container tag are ignored.
latest commit 16b5b38f5f
@ssp ssp authored
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debian Version 1.6.35
doc Support pz:authentication_mode.
etc Add support for 'date' type
images New
js Add big 'DO NOT EDIT, this file is obsolete' header comment to pz2.js…
m4 @ c40c0ac Update m4
perf Revert "Remove unused variable"
rpm rpm: pazpar2 daemon runs as nobody PAZ-893
solr Facets fields without tokenization.
src add support for a <metadata> container tag
test Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
win Version 1.6.35
www Shorter button
zeerex Updated source file headers with new year and no CVS Id.
.cproject Merge branch 'master' into protocol-version2
.gitattributes Fix text/cdata nodes collection
.gitignore Ignore Eclipse settings
.gitmodules a
.project Merge branch 'bytarget_block' of ssh://… Remove DETAILS_AT_TOP Dox config
IDMETA Version 1.6.35
LICENSE Added GPL file. Make js-dist rule
NEWS Version 1.6.35
README Bump copyright year
TODO Moved short-term TODO to Bugzilla Use m4/ Require YAZ 4.2.68 Lower log-level
pazpar2.spec Require YAZ 4.2.68


Pazpar2 is a high-performance, user interface-independent, data
model-independent metasearching middleware featuring merging, relevance
ranking, record sorting, and faceted results.

Copyright (C) 2006-2013 Index Data. See the file LICENSE for details.

Installation instructions and documentation is found in directory 'doc' and
on-line at .
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