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How to release

  1. Bump version in Makefile
  2. Add changelog entries to and debian/changelog
  3. git commit -m 'Release X.X.X'
  4. git tag vX.X.X
  5. Build source rpm and upload to COPR from web interface ./ centos-7 make srpm
  6. Build sdeb
    1. Build source deb for bionic: / ubuntu-1804 make sdeb DEB_DISTRIBUTION=bionic
    2. Sign: / ubuntu-1804 debsign -k XXX vmango_X.X.X-1_source.changes
    3. Upload: dput ppa:subuk/vmango vmango_X.X.X-1_source.changes
  7. git push origin master --tags
  8. git push lp master --tags
  9. Create github release from git tag