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package config
import (
type UserWebConfig struct {
Id string `hcl:",key"`
FullName string `hcl:"full_name"`
Email string `hcl:"email"`
HashedPassword string `hcl:"hashed_password"`
type WebConfig struct {
Listen string `hcl:"listen"`
Debug bool `hcl:"debug"`
StaticVersion string `hcl:"static_version"`
SessionSecret string `hcl:"session_secret"`
SessionSecure bool `hcl:"session_secure"`
SessionDomain string `hcl:"session_domain"`
SessionMaxAge int `hcl:"session_max_age"`
MediaUploadTmp string `hcl:"media_upload_tmp"`
Users []UserWebConfig `hcl:"user"`
type ImageConfig struct {
Path string `hcl:",key"`
OsName string `hcl:"os_name"`
OsVersion string `hcl:"os_version"`
OsArch string `hcl:"os_arch"`
Protected bool `hcl:"protected"`
type SubscribeConfig struct {
Event string `hcl:",key"`
Script string `hcl:"script"`
Mandatory bool `hcl:"mandatory"`
type Config struct {
LibvirtUri string `hcl:"libvirt_uri"`
LibvirtConfigDriveSuffix string `hcl:"libvirt_config_drive_suffix"`
LibvirtConfigDrivePool string `hcl:"libvirt_config_drive_pool"`
LibvirtConfigDriveWriteFormat string `hcl:"libvirt_config_drive_write_format"`
Images []ImageConfig `hcl:"image"`
Bridges []string `hcl:"bridges"`
KeyFile string `hcl:"key_file"`
Web WebConfig `hcl:"web"`
Subscribes []SubscribeConfig `hcl:"subscribe"`
func Default() *Config {
return &Config{
LibvirtUri: "qemu:///system",
LibvirtConfigDrivePool: "default",
LibvirtConfigDriveSuffix: "_config.iso",
LibvirtConfigDriveWriteFormat: configdrive.FormatNoCloud.String(),
KeyFile: "~/.vmango/authorized_keys",
Web: WebConfig{
Listen: ":8080",
Debug: false,
SessionMaxAge: 12 * 60 * 60,
MediaUploadTmp: "/tmp/",
func Parse(filename string) (*Config, error) {
content, err := ioutil.ReadFile(filename)
if err != nil {
return nil, util.NewError(err, "cannot read configuration file")
config := &Config{}
if err := hcl.Unmarshal(content, config); err != nil {
return nil, util.NewError(err, "invalid configuration format")
if err := mergo.Merge(config, Default()); err != nil {
return nil, util.NewError(err, "cannot apply default configuration value")
return config, nil
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