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Second Sunday quarantine release :)

Breaking changes:

  • Remove volume format and type from vm_created event.
  • Configuration file parameters libvirt_* replaced with libvirt "id" {} section (see vmango.dist.conf).
  • Remove bridges configuration option, you should create libvirt network for each bridge (see example below).


  • Multiple servers support (see vmango.dist.conf)
  • NoVNC integration with traffic forwarding for hosts connected by ssh
  • New machine create forms: simple with minimum options and advanced
  • Direct bridge support was removed, you should create libvirt network instead
  • Passthrough host cpu topology
  • Hugepages support
  • Support readonly libvirt connection
  • Add ability to hide volumes (via image.hidden option, see vmango.dist.conf for example)
  • Allow to use readonly ssh key file
  • Improve volume management. No you can attach cdroms and select bus type (virtio, iscsi, ide)
  • Video model selection (none, cirrus, qxl)
  • Add optional custom topbar links dropdown (web.links_title and web.links options).

Libvirt network example for bridge:

  <forward mode='bridge'/>
  <bridge name='br0'/>
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First quarantine release!

  • Allow to specify size unit for memory and disk size #54
  • Add ability to select machine graphic type #61
  • Manage guest agent integration on domain update page
  • Improve IP address determination process
  • Update coreui to 2.1.12
  • Minor bug fixes

And experimental docker image:

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Sunday Release!

Breaking changes:

  • Run vmango web to start webserver

New features:

  • #26 Post create hooks
  • #37 Console tool for password hash generation
  • #39 Protect volume from deletion
  • #32 Manage vm autostart flag
  • #42 Ability to change cpu count and memory size
  • #33 New checkbox allows to delete vm and all its volumes


  • #43 Properly display volume and memory size
  • #25 IP addresses not displayed when using bridged network


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New Features:

  • Add vm console page with
  • Extract machine IP address with libvirt if possible
  • Show and set network interface vlan tags
  • Add volume metadata with config image directive, see example at vmango.dist.conf
  • RPM Packages for centos 7

Web terminal demo

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Rewritten from the scratch in one week 😬

No more XML templates only one configuration file
Volume management (create, remove, clone, resize, attach, detach)
Network interfaces management

Old features not yet completed

  • [!] No RPM/Deb packages
  • [!] No API
  • [!] No documentation website
  • [!] No IP Addresses
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  • Bridged network support
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  • Preserve machine plan, creator and source image for virtual machines
  • Build packages for debian stretch
  • Improve web access logging
  • Build packages with go1.8.3
  • Expose machine source image id
  • Simplify metadata rendering for vm templates
  • Rename Hypervisor to Provider
  • Rename Image.FullName to Image.Id
  • Use as main identify of machine instead of name
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  • CSRF tokens for forms
  • New UI
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Version bump