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Register to participate in the Subutai Blueprint writing hackathon. We're offering prizes!

Registration Status: OPEN

For more information, guides and frequently asked questions see the wiki.

Blueprint Applications

Register by adding your name to one of the existing applications, or add a new application we missed. PR your changes for approval. We'll review your request and merge.

Application Version Category Registrant's GitHub Handle
Asterisk latest VoIP
Confluence 6.5.1 Wiki absidish
Discourse 2.0 Forum
DokuWiki 2017-02-19e Wiki
Etherpad 1.6.2 Notes
Fabricator latest Development
Geth 1.7.3 Blockchain lbthomsen
Ghost 1.20.3 Blog amol4anoff
GitLab 10.3.4 Development
Gitea 1.3.2 Development
Gogs 0.11.34 Development
Hastebin latest Notes
Hypothesis latest Bookmarks, Notes
Hotglue 1.0.3 Content Management efeefe
Jingo 1.8.3 Wiki
JIRA 6.5.1 Project Management absidish
jitsi latest Video Conferencing
Kanboard 1.2.0 Project Management
LAMP Stack PHP 7 Development
Let’s Chat 0.4.8 Chat AlinaPenkina
Lychee 3.1.6 Photo Management Zubaidullo
Mailtrain 1.24 Email, Contacts, Calendar
Matomo 3.3.0 Analytics
Matrix latest Chat / IM
Mattermost 4.5.1 Chat absidish
MediaWiki 1.30.0 Wiki
Meemo 1.6.5 Notes
Minio latest Cloud Storage Neil Spink
Nextcloud 12.0.x Cloud Storage samsonbek
NodeBB 1.7.3 Forum
OpenProject 7.3.2 Project Management
OwnCloud 2.4.0 Cloud Storage magonzalez
Paperwork 1.2.2 Notes
Phabricator latest Development
Piwiki 3.3.0 Wiki
Radicale 2.1.5 Email, Contacts, Calendar
RainLoop 1.11.3 Email, Contacts, Calendar
Redash 3.0.0 Analytics
Redmine 3.4.3 Development
RocketChat 0.60.0 Chat
Roundcube 1.3.4 Email, Contacts, Calendar
Ruby on Rails Stack latest Development
SOGo 3.2.10 Email, Contacts, Calendar
Shaarli 0.9.3 Bookmarks
Taiga 3.1.x Project Management ibragim13kz
The Lounge 2.6.0 Chat
Truffle 4.0.4 Development, Blockchain lbthomsen
Verdaccio 2.7.3 Proxy
Wallabag 2.3.2 Blog
Wekan 0.63 Development
Wordpress 4.9.x Blog absidish