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Subutai E2E Plugin

Effortlessly secure the doors to your Subutai Cloud

Security is utterly important in Subutai and this plugin helps keep you and your cloud secure. We use encryption, digital signatures, and keys all over the place. Even simple things you do involve complicated security operations behind the scenes. One of most important principles is to make sure your keys for performing these tasks are never transferred or taken off your computer to get into the wrong hands. To help enforce this, we have to make sure everything transferred is encrypted, or signed end-to-end. We also don't want to slow and weigh you down with complicated things you would have to do manually without this plugin. The complexity could lead to a mistake if you had to do some things manually and that would greatly reduce security.

The Subutai E2E plugin works on your computer with your browser to manage the keys to your cloud environments. It works with Subutai and the Hub to perform complicated tasks seamlessly for you. These keys are never exposed, or transferred, always staying right where they were created and protected by a passcode. In the future, the plugin will interoperate with USB hardware security modules to not even store keys on your computer and allow them to move around with you and your USB device.


  1. Install Node.js and NPM

    Add Node.js PPA

     sudo apt-get install python-software-properties
     curl -sL | sudo -E bash -

    Install Node.js

     sudo apt-get install nodejs
     sudo apt-get install nodejs-legacy
     sudo apt-get install npm

    Make sure you have successfully installed node.js and npm on your system

     node --version
     npm --version
  2. Install Grunt using NPM

     sudo npm install -g grunt

    After successful installation make sure grunt has been installed successful and check version.

     grunt --version
  3. Install Bower using NPM

     sudo npm install -g bower

    Let's check the installed version of bower on your system using following command.

     bower --version