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Subutai Control Center

Easy life for users of Bazaar.

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Key Features

  • Bazaar account monitoring
    • Informatin of user environments, peers, balance and etc
  • Managing cloud environemtns
    • SSHing, File transfer, Key deployment
  • PeerOS manager
    • Create your own virtual machine with PeerOS on it, register them to Bazaar, share your resources to the world
  • Software manager
    • Install all 3rd party components with approve of user
    • Vagrant, Virtualbox, Google Chrome, Subutai P2P, X2Go-Client are supported
  • Dark/Light themes
  • Fast and quick usage tray application
  • Cross platform
    • Windows, Mac and Linux ready.

How To Build

To clone and run this application, you'll need Git, qmake are installed on your computer, and Qt Creator if you want to build from IDE. You need C/C++ compilers MinGW for Linux, clang for macOS and MSVC++ for Windows. From your command line:

Use git checkout $(cat version) on unix or git checkout $(type version) on Windows to switch to the latest released branch. After you can build from command line using these commands:

for MacOS

qmake -r -spec macx-clang CONFIG+=x86_64

for Linux


for Windows

qmake ..\ -r -spec win32-msvc


You can download latest installable version of Subutai Control Center for Windows, macOS and Linux.

About Subutai

Subutai - Open Source Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Cloud Computing Internet of Things (IoT) and Cryptocurrency Mining for Everyone


Apache License 2.0


Subutai Control Center is a desktop application for owners and administrators of Subutai Peers and Environments.




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