Crypto-like CRC32 calculation in Node.js
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CRC32 like Crypto

This small module creates CRC32 checksum in Crypto style.

In order to access the module use require('crc32Crypto').

In case you just downloaded the .js file, use require('path/to/crc32crypto.js').


Creates a crc32 hash object.

In order to create a CRC32 checksum set algorithm as crc32. If algorithm differs from crc32 this function creates a new Crypto hash with that algorithm instead.


Just like in Crypto, appends a new chunk of data to the hash. This function may be called as many times as it is needed.

data argument expects string or Buffer object.

Unlike Crypto, if data is not a string or Buffer it is coerced to string. That is, hash.update(new Buffer("123")) and hash.update(123) is essentially the same.


Returns checksum of all data passed via hash.update(). The encoding is one of hex, binary and base64.

Unlike Crypto, this module doesn't "lock" the data after digest is returned.