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CanSat code is software for autonomous exploration and landings of probe "CanSat" developed by Gymnazium Opatov Space Agency especially by Jakub Suchánek.

The whole code is using following subcodes:

  • GroundStation - incoming datas of pressure, position, time and temperature
  • Cansat (2.0) - used libraries - Code, Cirtuits...
  • Final report (Detail information about the probe Cansat in LaTex article. Unfortunately only in Czech.)
  • Pre launch report - English detail description of Cansat 2.0
  • Analysis - our own atmospheric model running on data from CanSat
  • After flight report - final description of the whole project


In case you need help with use of our program or support us, you can contact us on our public email dotazy@gosa.cz or on email of programming director suchanek989@seznam.cz


Contributions are welcome and encouraged. You can contribute in many ways:

  • Documentation updates and corrections.
  • How-To guides - received help? Help others!
  • Bug reporting & fixes.
  • New feature ideas & suggestions.


Used code

Open Source / Contributors

CanSat software that is open source and is available free of charge without warranty to all users.

Current contributors:

  • Suchánek, Jakub (suchanekj)
  • Novotný, Patrik (PatriktheAstronomer)
  • Vítek, Martin (MArtytraM99)
  • Zeman, Jakub (Jakubzmn)
  • Völfl, Lukáš (LukasVolfl)


  • 1.0 Groundstation subcode created and README added 29/03/2018
  • 1.1 CanSat subcode created and Model files completed 01/04/2018
  • 1.2 Final report (LaTex article) created 03/04/2018
  • 1.3 Final report (LaTex article) completed 12/04/2018
  • 2.0 New contributers, Analysis, CanSat 2.0 3D printed parts and PLR.pdf (Pre-launch report) added 18/06/2018
  • 2.1 Analysis part 2 completed, chamber software added 28/06/2018
  • 2.2 After flight report added, Analysis repaired and added - project completely done 16/07/2018 (Thanks everyone for your support to our project!)