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Fork of karmatic which uses Nightmare (electron) instead of Chrome Headless
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This is a fork of Karmatic which uses Nightmare as its browser instead of Chrome headless.

Options and usage more-or-less match karmatic; see its repo for more info.

Differences from Karmatic

  • Uses Nightmare instead of Puppeteer (runs in Electron instead of Chrome)
  • Uses Jest's expect instead of Jasmine's
  • You can use electron.require in your tests to require using electron (normal requires are compiled using Webpack)
  • You can use the --dev-tools CLI option to open Electron's Dev Tools UI
  • You can use the --test-setup-script CLI option to define a test setup file that runs before all tests run (eg --test-setup-script ./src/test-setup.js)
  • Has a fancy jest-style reporter
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