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ERC Token Contract

IERC20.sol file is an abstract contract that outlines the standard functions needed for ERC20 Token.

SafeMath.sol file is being used to avoid overflow and underflow attack whenever performing mathematical operations such as add, sub, mult etc.

DKYToken.sol file is the main contract that implements IERC20 functions and initializes necessary variables.

These contracts have been deployed on Rinkeby Testnet network with this contract address:


You can buy some DKY tokens by sending some of your Rinkeby testnet ether to above contract address. You can use Metamask, Mist, Myetherwallet or any other token compatible wallet. In case of Metamask, once you've sent the ether go to Token tab and click on "Add Token" button. Then paste the contract address above and it should automatically detect the token Symbol and Decimals. Now you should be able to see the DKY coins in your wallet.

Alt text