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- bugfixes (min/max date, ajax fast switching, theme roller compatibility)
- better code quality (passes google closure linter except on line lengths)
- added some events and documented it
- documented prev, next functions and minDate, maxDate, date options.
=== A lot of upgrades append, such as multi-user and free busy management ===
=== This is not documented here, check the wiki for that. ===
1.2.3 (Development)
- Modifed the order of execution of eventDrop and eventRender so that drop callback occurs before rendering.
- Migrated to jquery-ui-1.8 and jquery 1.4 (no longer supports previous versions)
- Fixed daylight savings problem
- Added support for modifying calendar options on the fly.
1.2.2 (2009-10-30)
- Fixed inconsistent bug with dropping events in IE7/8 causing a js error
- Updated the way that events that overlap are organised if using the overlapEventsSeperate option (thanks Yann)
- Fixed bug where when resizing and overlapping events is enabled, the layout of overlapping of events wasn't being recalculated
- Fixed bug where deleting existing or unsaved events that were overlapping was not recalcuating the layout of remaining events
- Fixed bug where calendar was not honouring the allowCalEventOverlap = false option when creating new or updating events from dialog (Issue 84)
- Added 'daysToShow' config option to optionally only display a limited number of days in a week. (thanks jura khrapunov)
- Made change that prevents dragged events from being resized when the event has resizing disabled and overlapping is switched off. (Issue 70)
- Added proper scoping of css to the calendar using 'wc' prefix for all class names.
- Fixed problem with scrolling to hour if business hours are restricted
Once again, thanks for all contributions, suggestions and help in the google group!
- Added public method 'getData' that returns the value of a named config option.
- Added public method 'clear' that clears all calendar events from the calendar.
- Added eventDrag callback
- Added support for 24 hour timeslot display as an alternative to AM / PM 12 hour day. (thanks dozebox)
- Added eventAfterRender callback
- Added support for weeks starting on any day of the week (thanks Bramus!)
- Added better overlapping event support with the ability to have staggered or parallel layout of overlapping events. (thanks Roderik)
- Hovering over overlapping events brings them into focus (thanks Roderik)
- Added methods for formatting dates and times using the calendar config or by passing in date / time formats.
- Modified logic for 'scrollToTime' to scroll to the time of the reference date of the week.
**Thanks to everyone who logged issues and made suggestions in this release.
2009-06-19 - 1.2
- Added better layout support for overlapping of events
- Added ability to supply formatters for date and time
- Added improved demo with creation / editing of events using jquery ui.
- Added option to only display hours defined in the 'businessHours' config option.
- Migrated code base to extend jquery-ui widget.
- Improved inline method documentation.
- Added 'readonly' config option to flag the entire calendar as readonly, preventing creation, dragging, dropping and resizing of events.
- Added ability to configure day, month names for better i18n support
- Fixed bug with IE7 resizing once an event gets to 2 timeslots or smaller
2009-06-08 - 1.1.3
- Removed console.log that was causing issues in IE.
- Fixed an issue with nav buttons in certain environments
2009-05-21 - 1.1.2
- Fixed problem in safari and chrome where new events where not being created due to lack of event bubbling of mousedown and mouseup events.
2009-05-17- 1.1.1
- Fixed problem with calculation of end date passed to data functions / url
- Updating scrolling to hour to only occur on first render
- Added code to check for changed options after loading data before actually re-rendering the calendar.
2009-05-16 - 1.1
- Extended the events data structure to allow options to be passed back to the calendar with event data. This has
resulted in a config option name change. The events option is now called 'data'. The data option can be either an array
of calendar events or an object containing a property called 'events' which is the events data array. The data option
can also contain an additional property called 'options'. Any options passed with the data will replace the current options
in the calendar and force a re-render of the calendar. This is very useful in cases where the calendar layout needs to change for
different data sets. For example, a calendar that is delegated but each owner has their own preference for timeslots per hour.
- Fixed problem where errors were raised due to missing mouseover / mouseout events on calEvents.
2009-05-12 - 1.0
- Added support for preventing overlapping calendar events
- Internal refactoring and cleanup including moving standard events to use delegation
2009-05-10 - 1.0-alpha-4
- Fixed problem caused by window resize event binding hanging around after calendar is removed from the DOM.
- Wasn't returning a reference to the original jquery plugin object so chaining wasn't possible
- Added calendarPreLoad and calendarPostLoad events that are called before and after events get loaded into the calendar.
- Removed calendarRendered event as it was superseded by the calendarPostLoad event
- Fixed bug in calendar scrolling to hour of day.
- Added scrollToHourMillis config option for setting the duration of the scroll to hour of day animation.
- Fixed problem where the newEvent event was triggered multiple times after navigating through weeks.
- Fixed problem where dragging an event caused an event click to be triggered on drop instead of a dropped event.
- Fixed issue in IE7 where width of calendar was not taking into account the width of the vertical scrollbar, causing a horizontal scrollbar to appear
2009-05-07 - 1.0-alpha-3
- Tightened up some of the rendering to cater to different configuration.
- Added timeslotHeight config property so you can can specify the height of calendar time slots.
- Fixed problem where resizing an event causes a new event to be created
- Fixed problem with click event for calendar events firing twice.
2009-05-06 - 1.0-alpha-2
- Removed jQuery UI Theme from source in favour of google hosted theme
- Fixed bug with parsing dates in events supplied as milliseconds
- Added minified and yui compressed versions of javascript
- Fixed bug where current day remained highlighted after navigating to next / prev weeks
2009-05-05 - 1.0-alpha-1
- Initial Release