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☢ THiNX-Connect

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Simple HTTP to HTTPS proxy server for your Raspberry Pi or another node.js capable machine.


### Standalone node.js app

Requires having node.js installed as a prerequisite.

git clone
cd ./thinx-connect/
npm install .

### Docker image

There is also Docker image available here for installation via docker pull suculent/thinx-connect


If you have local DNS server, make sure the IP you're running this proxy at is referenced with a thinx.local name. Each THiNX device firmware should check this DNS name first before accessing the backend directly.

You can run the proxy-server simply with node app.js, but it's recommended to use some process-manager like forever (warning: installing forever on Raspberry Pi 3 may take more than 30 minutes):

  [sudo] npm install forever -g
  forever -o out.log -e err.log app.js

Running with Docker

THiNX-Connect is also available as a Docker image. The repository provides a Dockerfile to build the THiNX-Connect HTTP/HTTPS proxy.

Warning: The binary works on Ubuntu 14.04 and the build is based on Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty.

Build the docker image from this repository

  docker build -t thinx-connect .

Once the container is built successfuly create a container from the image

  docker create --name thinx-connect thinx-connect

Start the container and keep it running (in background)

   docker run -itd suculent/thinx-connect node /thinx-connect/app.js && bash

Start the container and keep it running (in foreground while inspecting the log)

  docker run -p -p -p -p -itd suculent/thinx-connect node /thinx-connect/app.js > nohup.out & tail -f nohup.out
  docker run -p7442:7442 -p7443:7443 -p1883:1883 -p8883:8883 -itd suculent/thinx-connect nohup forever /thinx-connect/app.js && tail -f nohup.out