Instance of THiNX Remote Device Management safely enclosed inside a docker container
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Instance of THiNX Remote Device Management NodeJS client thinx-firmware-js safely enclosed inside a docker image, so the app can run safely as root.


Docker - available at Docker Store for community


Configure the ENV variables in Dockerfile/Kitematic:

API_KEY enter API Key created on THiNX RTM Console

OWNER_ID you can find this in your User Profile on THiNX RTM

DEVICE_ALIAS you will find the instance under this name on Dashboard when it checks in

Update file ./config.json accordingly

Create a folder, where the library will store its persistent data:

`mkdir -p ./node-persist`

...and run the container:

`docker run -v $(pwd)/node-persist:/thinx-firmware-js/.node-persist suculent/thinx-node-docker`

Building the container

`docker build -t suculent/thinx-node-docker .`

Using your own docker image

Create new repository at Docker Hub e.g.: qooldev/thinx-docker-tutorial

`docker build -t qooldev/thinx-docker-tutorial .`

`docker login`

`docker push qooldev/thinx-docker-tutorial`

Afterwards, you may want to fork suculent/thinx-firmware-js on github and update links in your dockerFile.

Running your custom thinx-js docker image:

`docker run -v $(pwd)/node-persist:/thinx-firmware-js/.node-persist qooldev/thinx-docker-tutorial`