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  1. account
  2. Any domain that allows A and CNAME records

Setting up

  1. Configure and install CLI
  2. Allocate one FIP (if you already allocated it in step 1, you can use this one)
  3. Create wildcard CNAME for your domain (i.e. point * to
  4. Clone hyper-tick
  5. Setup environment with your variables:
$ export
$ export FIP=
$ export USERNAME=foo
$ export PASSWORD=bar
  1. Start the stack from hyper-tick directory:
$ cd hyper-tick
$ hyper compose up -d

Now your services should be available under following subdomains (replace with domain you used):

  • InfluxDB:
  • Chronograf:
  • Kapacitor:

Chronograf is the only one that has graphical HTTP interface but you can use CLI for InfluxDB and Kapacitor just remember to pass username and password.

Warning: this stack uses HTTP_BASIC_AUTH variable of dockercloud-haproxy image which isn't recommended for production.

You can read more about rationale of this on my blog.

Contributions welcome

All contributions (no matter if small) are always welcome.

Feel free to create file issues or fork this repo and add improvements!