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A Makefile for Arduino Sketches

The following is the rough list of changes that went into different versions. I tried to give credit whenever possible. If I have missed anyone, kindly add it to the list.

In Development

  • Fix: Moved CORE_LIB to the last position of the defined linked objects. (
  • Fix: Moved ATtiny examples to ATtinyBlink, updated alternate core instructions (issue #537) (
  • Fix: Add -fno-devirtualize flag to workaround g++ segfault bug (issue #486). (
  • Fix: Quote the prefix tag in the space_pad_to function
  • Fix: recognize serial monitors with full path in MONITOR_CMD
  • Fix: Grab USB_PRODUCT and USB_MANUFACTURER from boards.txt for 32u4 boards (issue #594).
  • Fix: Show the configuration when ARDUINO_QUIET=0
  • Fix: Travis build and bring Arduino IDE upto date
  • Fix: Builds for SAMD-based boards use the C++ compiler for linking (issue #644). (
  • Tweak: Move chip erase flag from set_fuses to ispload to prevent sketch being nuked when setting fuses
  • Tweak: Set ARDMK_VERSION to 1.6 (
  • Tweak: Move non-standard-related items from CxxFLAGS_STD to CxxFLAGS (issue #523) (
  • Tweak: Update Windows usage documentation and allow non-relative paths (issue #519) (
  • Tweak: Support Cygwin Unix Python and Windows installation on Windows to pass correct port binding. (
  • Tweak: Update how avr-size is called on Sam, also moved to gnu11 std (issue #602) (
  • Tweak: Detect most recent toolchain if multiple found, add *_VER variable to override (issue #611) (
  • New: Added -fdiagnostics-color to *STD flags (
  • New: Made -fdiagnostics-color take a variiable DIAGNOSTICS_COLOR_WHEN: never, always, auto. (
  • New: Add generation of tags file using ctags, which automatically includes project libs and Arduino core. (
  • New: Add template Makefile and project boilerplate initialise script, ardmk-init. (
  • New: Support atmelice_isp JTAG tool as ISP programmer. (
  • New: Compatibility with deprecated pgmspace.h API can now be disabled since it sometimes causes bogus compiler warnings (issue #546)
  • New: Support Arduino ARM SAMD devices (Zero, M0 Pro, Feather M0). (
  • New: Support Arduino ARM SAM devices (Due). (
  • New: Moved the PARSE_BOARD macro to and use only this to parse the boards.txt file. (
  • New: Added the TOOL_PREFIX variable for setting up the executable tools centrally and generically. (
  • New: Add support for BOARD_CLOCK for and entries in boards.txt files. (
  • New: Updated Arch instructions. (
  • New: Add support for Robotis OpenCR 1.0 boards.
  • New: Build the ArduinoCore API
  • New: Support for Python 3 and multi-os Python installation using new PYTHON_CMD variable.
  • New: Add "ARDUINO_{build.board}" to be able to detect board type.

1.6.0 (2017-07-11)

1.5.2 (2017-01-11)

1.5.1 (Debian version: 1.5-3) (2016-02-22)

1.5 (2015-04-07)

1.3.4 (2014-07-12)

1.3.3 (2014-04-12)

1.3.2 (2014-04-11)

1.3.1 (2014-02-04)

  • Fix: BUNDLED_AVR_TOOLS_DIR is now set properly when using only arduino-core and not the whole arduino package. (
  • New: Document all variables that can be overridden. (
  • New: Add a new help_vars target to display information about variables that can be overridden.

1.3.0 (2014-01-29)

  • Fix: Use more reliable serial device naming in Windows. Fix issue #139 and #155 (
  • Fix: Document that ARDUINO_DIR must be a relative path in Windows. Fix issue #156 (
  • Tweak: Don't hard code MONITOR_PORT in examples, for more flexible testing. (Issue #157) (
  • Tweak: Silence the stderr output from call to which. (Issue #158) (
  • Fix: Override complete compiler tool paths for chipKIT. (Issue #159) (
  • New: The makefile is compatible with Windows
  • New: Update file about usage and Windows compatibility

1.2.0 (2014-01-14)

  • Add: Add RPM SPECfile and new package directory to store package instructions and files (
  • Fix: Remove use of arduino-mk subdirectory in git. Fix issue #151, #152 and #147 (
  • Fix: Remove arduino-mk directory from all examples. Fix #154

1.1.0 (2013-12-26)

  • Don't append port details to avrdude for usbasp. See #123
  • Ignore commented lines while parsing boards.txt file. See #124
  • In ISP mode, read baudrate and programmer from boards.txt. See #125
  • Add burn_bootloader target. See #85
  • Show correct path to file in help message. Fix #120
  • Change echo for printf. Fix #129 (
  • Add support for ChipKiT 2013. Fix #136 (
  • Auto detect and include libraries specified in USER_LIB_PATH. Fix #135 (
  • Use MAKEFILE_LIST to get the name of the make file. Fix #130 (
  • New: Add option to set fuses without burning a bootloader. Fix #141 (
  • Tweak: Don't append port details to avrdude for usbtiny. Fix #140 and #138 (
  • Fix: Handle relative paths of bootloader file while burning bootloaders. Fix #126 and #142 (
  • New: Add explaining how to contribute to the project.
  • New: Force -Os optimization for SoftwareSerial. Add OPTIMIZATION_FLAGS and DEBUG_FLAGS. (
  • Fix: Use ARDUINO_HEADER variable instead of hardcoded file names. Fix #131

1.0.1 (2013-09-25)

  • Unconditionally add -D in avrdude options. See #114

1.0.0 (2013-09-22)

  • Add $OBJDIR to the list of configuration that gets printed. Fix issue #77
  • Add support for specifying optimization level. Fix issue #81
  • Add support for reseting "Micro" Arduino. Fix issue #80 (
  • Remove "utility" from example makefiles. Fix issue #84
  • Auto detect alternate core path from sketchbook folder. Fix issue #86
  • Remove redundant checks for ARDUINO_DIR
  • Improve avrdude and avrdude.conf path auto detection. Fix issue #48
  • Move binary sketch size verification logic inside makefile. Fix issue #54
  • Remove dependency on wait-connection-leonardo shell script. Fix issue #95
  • Add support for the Digilent chipKIT platform. (
  • Implement ard-parse-boards with shell scripting instead of Perl (
  • Compile with debugging symbols only when DEBUG=1 (
  • Replace Leonardo detection with Caterina detection (
  • Autodetect baudrate only if either a .ino/.pde is present
  • Allow building with Arduino core, without a .ino/.pde file
  • Ability to support different Arduino cores (

0.12.0 (2013-06-20)

  • Fix "generated_assembly" target, which got broken earlier. Fix issue #76 (
  • Deprecate "generated_assembly" target in favour of "generate_assembly". Fix issue #79

0.11.0 (2013-06-15)

  • Replace hardcoded executables with variable
  • Fix whitespace issues
  • Add a warning when HEX_MAXIMUM_SIZE is not specified
  • Add the ability to configure avrdude options. Fix issue #53
  • Handle cases where certain fuse bits are not present. Fix issue #61
  • Add support for compiling plain AVR C files. Fix issue #63
  • Add an example to show how to compile AVR C files. Fix issue #73

0.10.6 (2013-06-14)

0.10.5 (2013-06-11)

  • Add USB_VID and USB_PID to CPPFLAGS only if the board is Leonardo.
  • Allow adding extra common dependencies (COMMON_DEPS) (
  • Added ifndef ARDUINO_VAR_PATH for compiling for the attiny (
  • Strip extra whitespace from the BOARD_TAG variable
  • Enhanced support for programming using Arduino as ISP
  • Added example to show how to program using Arduino as ISP
  • Add support for Leonardo boards. Took code from (

0.10.4 (2013-05-31) @matthijskooijman

  • Improved BAUD_RATE detection logic
  • Added logic to check if there is only .ino or .pde file
  • Compile .ino/.pde files directly
  • Output configuration only once
  • Try to read Version.txt file only if it is present
  • Refactored dependency code

0.10.3 16.xii 2012 gaftech

  • Enabling creation of EEPROM file (.eep)
  • EEPROM upload: eeprom and raw_eeprom targets
  • Auto EEPROM upload with isp mode: ISP_EEPROM option.
  • Allow custom OBJDIR

0.10.2 15.xii.2012 Sudar

0.10.1 15.xii.2012 Sudar

  • Merged all changes from Upstream and the following changes from
  • Allow passing extra flags
  • Make listing files more useful
  • Add knowledge of device-specific assembler
  • Use variables instead of hardcoded commands
  • Make disasm more helpful
  • Change .sym output
  • Provide symbol_sizes and generated_assembly targets.
  • Be able to silence configuration output
  • Make everybody depend on the makefile, in case cflags are changed, etc.
  • Make the makefile error if the arduino port is not present.

0.10 17.ix.12 M J Oldfield

  • Added installation notes for Fedora (ex Rickard Lindberg).
  • Changed size target so that it looks at the ELF object, not the hexfile (ex Jared Szechy and Scott Howard).
  • Fixed ARDUNIO typo in (ex Kalin Kozhuharov).
  • Tweaked OBJDIR handling (ex Matthias Urlichs and Scott Howard).
  • Changed the name of the Debian/Ubuntu package (ex Scott Howard).
  • Only set AVRDUDE_CONF if it's not set (ex Tom Hall).
  • Added support for USB_PID/VID used by the Leonardo (ex Dan Villiom Podlaski Christiansen and Marc Plano-Lesay). 10.ix.2012 Sudar

  • Fixed a typo in README. Issue reported at upstream (#21) 18.viii.2012 jeffkowalski

  • Autodetect ARDUINO_LIBS from includes in LOCAL_SRCS
  • Autodetect ARDUINO_SKETCHBOOK from file set by Arduino IDE
  • Autodetect ARDMK_DIR based on location of this file
  • Added support for utility directory within SYS and USER libraries




  • Corrected the ubuntu package names
  • Prevent the file-not-found error if the file is not needed
  • Delete the build-cli folder as well while doing make clean
  • Added support for compiling .pde files in Arduino 1.0 environment
  • Replaced = with += in CPPFLAGS assignment so that we can set CPPFLAGS per sketch if needed
  • Changed AVRDUDE_CONF so it can be defined in per-project makefile (
  • Cleaner way to delete the build-cli directory when make clean is invoked
  • The package name in Debian and Ubuntu is arduino-mk (

2012-02-12, version 0.8

  • Patches for version 1.0 of the Arduino IDE. Older versions might still work, but I’ve not tested it.
  • A change to the build process: rather than link all the system objects directly into the executable, bundle them in a library first. This should make the final executable smaller.
  • If TARGET isn’t explicitly set, default to the current directory name. Thanks to Daniele Vergini for this patch.
  • Add support for .c files in system libraries: Dirk-Willem van Gulik and Evan Goldenberg both reported this and provided patches in the same spirit.
  • Added a size target as suggested by Alex Satrapa.

Unreleased, version 0.7

  • Added -lm to the linker options, and -F to stty.

2011-06-23, version 0.6

  • Added ard-parse-boards. Mark Sproul suggested doing something like this ages ago, but I’ve only recently looked at it in detail.
  • Fabien Le Lez reported that one needs to link with -lc to avoid linker errors.

2011-06-23, version 0.5

  • Imported changes from Debian/Ubuntu, which incorporate a patch from Stefan Tomanek so that libraries would be compiled too.

Note: Many other people sent me similar patches, but I didn't get around to using them. In the end, I took the patch from Debian and Ubuntu: there seems merit in not forking the code and using a tested version. So, thanks and apologies to Nick Andrew, Leandro Coletto Biazon, Thibaud Chupin, Craig Hollabaugh, Johannes H. Jensen, Fabien Le Lez, Craig Leres, and Mark Sproul.

2010-05-24, version 0.4

Tweaked rules for the reset target on Philip Hands’ advice.

2010-05-21, version 0.3

  • Tidied up the licensing, making it clear that it’s released under LGPL 2.1.
  • Philip Hands sent me some code to reset the Arduino by dropping DTR for 100ms, and I added it.
  • Tweaked the Makefile to handle version 0018 of the Arduino software which now includes main.cpp. Accordingly we don’t need to—and indeed must not—add main.cxx to the .pde sketch file. The paths seem to have changed a bit too.