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@@ -14,6 +14,10 @@ If you are interested, [sign up over at alonetone](
Secondly, please email me at sudara at alonetone dot com.
+### Bug reporting
+We use [lighthouse]( to submit bugs and keep track of our work
### The goal?
To create and run the best online home a musician could want to have, providing them with the tools they need to reach their listeners and network with other artists, without the umbrella of a corporation.
@@ -74,7 +78,7 @@ alonetone uses 6 config files:
amazon_s3.yml (used in production, by default development mode runs with :file_system storage)
defensio.yml (spam protection, ignored in development)
facebooker.yml (for facebook app, ignore this in general for now)
- newrelic.yml (for performance tracking)
+ newrelic.yml (for performance tracking)
These files will be created for you the first time you run any rake task.

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