Guest comments off homepage & Users can control guest comments for their tracks #2

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Okay I didn't realise each pull-request built off previous uncommitted pull requests.

This one includes the commits to remove guest comments from the front-page. As I wrote in the previous request I think it should also remove them from the site comments pages too. This means that guest comments purely solve the "my friend, who is not a member, wanted to leave me this comment on my track" use case.

Also included is a patch to allow users to turn off the ability for guests to comment on their tracks. It includes the edit page changes and template changes. ** Note ** there is one problem which is that cached fragments won't be updated. This is largely because I cannot figure out where the "cache_key" mechanism is coming from to invalidate it.

mmower added some commits Oct 24, 2010
@mmower mmower Eliminated guest comments from the home page. 64bd048
@mmower mmower Added :block_guest_comments User setting to control whether guests ha…
…ve the ability to comment on an artists tracks. Defaults to allowing comments. Modified User edit page so user can change the setting.
@mmower mmower If the user changes their :block_guest_comments setting the Asset#cac…
…he_key for all their tracks gets updated to invalidate cached tabs.
@mmower mmower Merging sudara's fix 4873a65
@mmower mmower Added a "listener feed" as /users/:u/listenfeed.rss that returns the …
…last 15 new tracks from artists the user is following. Should be suitable for subscription in iTunes et al.
@mmower mmower Small improvement to title & description for listen feeds. 6bb783d
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