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Easy way to get soundmanager2 as a dep in your rails app
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SoundManager 2 for Rails 3/4

Easy and non-obtrusive way to get SoundManager 2 as a dep for rails3/rails4.

Note: This gem differs from glaszig's "soundmanager-rails" in that all it only exposes the js and swf files for usage in the asset pipeline. It does not auto-intialize soundmanager when required, nor change what is required based upon your env. It only exposes the assets for manual use and uses versioning that follows soundmanager2's development.


Add to Gemfile:

gem 'soundmanager2-rails'


$ bundle


Add to application.js manifest:

//= require soundmanager2

Or one of the other js files soundmanager2 provides:

//= require soundmanager2-jsmin
//= require soundmanager2-nodebug-jsmin
//= require soundmanager2-nodebug

Assuming you are using the asset pipeline, you will need to at least tell rails to "precompile" the swf (same with the js too if you are using it as a standalone javascript anywhere)

# config/application.rb
config.assets.precompile += %w(soundmanager2.swf soundmanager2_flash9.swf)

You probably want to include some config. I normally have a "settings.html.erb" which allows me to use the asset_path helper to deliver the correct swf. It also lets me easily toggle debug mode, etc.

soundManager.debugMode = false
soundManager.flashVersion = 9
soundManager.multiShot = false
soundManager.url = "<%= asset_path('soundmanager2.swf') %>"
soundManager.useHTML5Audio = true
soundManager.consoleOnly = true

See the SoundManager2 docs for info about how to initialize and use.


This gem only includes the cross-domain flash files (because that's what I use.)



Versions of soundmanager2-rails follow soundmanager2 versioning to make life more understandable.


The current soundmanager2 version at time of this readme is 2.97a.20140901

In gemfile, you can specify:

# Note: we can't include an "a" in the Minor version, since afaik gems don't support it
gem "soundmanager2-rails", "2.97.20140901"

Not up to date?

Send a pull request or bug me on github.


Made for alonetone and Ramen Music.

Apologies to glaszig for "doing the same thing." (I wanted to try my hand at an assets gem, and specifically wanted to match soundmanager2 versions so my apps can share deps clearly and cleanly!)

Updating this gem

Reminding myself for 6 months down the line :)

  • Update the swf and js files with the cross-domain versions
  • Update VERSION
bundle && bundle exec rake gemspec 
bundle exec rake release
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