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suderman-style vimrc
Select shortcuts for my own memory's sake!
⎋ normal mode
i insert mode before (I beginning of line)
a insert mode after (A end of line)
v visual mode
V visual line mode
⌃v visual block mode
gv reselect the text from the last visual mode
gV select the text that was last edited/pasted
u undo
^u redo
y yank
d delete
p paste (⌃p to cycle history)
[p toggle clipboard (yankring)
,p toggle paste mode (pasting from GUI clipboard)
⌃jkhl move focus between windows
⌃jkhl resize windows (visual mode)
,jkhl move windows
_+ bubble lines up/down (visual mode)
>< indent, outdent (visual mode)
gcc toggle comments
= auto format
^_ close last HTML tag
/.../ search in file (n to cycle results; ,<space> to clear highlights)
,a search in project (Ack)
,t search file names (⌃c to cancel)
,<tab> cycle buffers (<tab> to cycle buffers; ⇧<tab> to cycle reverse)
,6 alt file
,d toggle project drawer (,dd to find current file in tree)
,ss toggle spellcheck
,s? list spelling suggestions
,w write
,q quit
,qq quitall
,wq write and quit
F5 clean up whitespace
,v open the vimrc