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Explore various JS technologies

50 Awesome JavaScript Technologies

This git repo discusses about 50 popular JS technologies,frameworks or libraries avaialble in the market. Each technology detailed with an blog entry with a detailed analysis and github examples.

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Below is the list of technologies covered in this series:

  1. Week 1: October 22, 2017 How the user interactive session is made easy with Inquirer library using question and answer prompting mechanism. The blog details are available @ Interactive CommandLine Interface using Inquirer
  2. Week 2: October 30, 2017 A low-level JavaScript utility library used for delivering consistency, customization, performance, and extra features. It improves the regular JS development using it's helper methods on various types. The blog details are available @ Lodash: A modern JavaScript Utility library
  3. Week 3: November 6, 2017 Webpack is a modern JavaScript module bundler for JavaScript applications. The blog details are available @ Webpack: A modern JavaScript modular
  4. Week 4: November 13, 2017 Bring Reactive programming for composing asynchronous and callback functions code in Javascript world. The blog details are available @ RxJS: Reactive Programming