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This is a chat application that can be used for local usage in a small network. It creates a local server and people connected to the network can do a group or private chat. The chat also gives facilites to block someone from pinging unnecessarily.

Instructions to run

Clone the project

git clone

DataBase - Mongo

  • Check if mongodb service is running in your machine else start the service.


  • You need to have node and npm installed in your machine.
  • open up your teminal or command prompt go to the directory chat
  • Do install all dependencies using
             npm install
             npm install -g nodemon
             npm start
    Your server will be setup and ready for use.


  • Go to browser and type localhost:8080 in place of url.
  • Register user by giving basic details.
  • Login from the same screen.
    Note: Handle should be unique for every user.

Why I started this

I had seen a lot of times during local camps that people find it difficult to interact with each other may be due to hesitation. Most of the local chats that we find will be again public and the interactions become public. So I was thinking of creating an application where people can talk in public as well as private.

Few Screen Shots

Login Screen

login screen

Confirming request

Confirming request to chat

Online users

online users

Chatting with Friend



I have lot of things to do.

  • Bug fixes.
  • More feauters to come, like blocking a user from chatting etc.
  • Option for saving chats in case you need it. For now it doesnot store the messages.


If you have any suggestions please do mail me at with subject as chat-suggestions


I have used some code from AdminLTE for the chat UI. The HTML and dependent CSS.
The private chat box has been taken from Gurdeep Osahan.