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#Template Management for Hogan.js

Liz is a manger for Hogan.js templates that lets you organize and manage your JS templates in any file and directory structure that you want - it then compiles all your templates into one compact executable JS file.

Liz can also be adapted to help you with plain Mustache (or any other) templating engine. It is similar to hulk, except that you don't need to have one template per file. Liz also namespaces your temlates based so you can access them easily in code.


First do:

$ npm install liz -g
$ liz <input_files> -o <output_file>

Then write your templates in template or script tags:


<template name="user.greeting">
    <p>Hello, {{name}}</p>

<script name="user.outro" type="text/x-mustache">
    </p></div>And that's the end of it.

Using template tags is usually easier - most editors will continue to give you HTML syntax highlighting and help. Or you can use script tags like John Resig says; especially when you're writing templates that don't validate as HTML.

Then run:

$ liz templates/**/*.html -o templates.js

And you have:

// templates.js 
var hogan = require('hogan.js');
exports.user = {};
exports.user.greeting = new Hogan.Template(function(c,p,i){var _=this;_.b(i=i||"");_.b("<p>Hello, ");_.b(_.v(_.f("name",c,p,0)));_.b("</p>");return _.fl();;});
exports.user.outro = new Hogan.Template(function(c,p,i){var _=this;_.b(i=i||"");_.b("</p></div>And that's the end of it.");return _.fl();;});

You can then render templates easily in your code:

templates = require('./templates');
templates.user.greeting.render({name: 'Miss Elizabeth'});


  • Browsers will work only if your project uses Stitch or OneJS - change this so require and exports code can be turned off with a flag.
  • Support for other templating engines.

###Contributions Well tested (preferably TDD'd) contributions are welcome via pull requests. Personally Liz already fits all my needs - I'm using Hogan.js and Stitch - so most of the roadmap will have to be driven by contributions.