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Planning app for teams based on React
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React Planner

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Planning app for teams. This React app uses Materialize, React Router, Redux, Firebase, Thunk, Google Analytics and Moment.

Quick Start


Create a new Firebase project in your Firebase console. Enable E-Mail and Password Authentication from the Authentication section.

Enable Cloud Firestore for the project. Copy the script from the console and edit temp-firebase.js in src/config according to the format given below, and then rename it to firebase.js.

import firebase from "firebase/app";
import "firebase/firestore";
import "firebase/auth";

const config = {
  apiKey: "xxxxx",
  authDomain: "",
  databaseURL: "",
  projectId: "xxxxx",
  storageBucket: "",
  messagingSenderId: "xxxxx"

firebase.firestore().settings({ timestampsInSnapshots: true });

export default firebase;

Edit the CSS and JSX files to customize the colours.

Enable Cloud Functions and intiialize the Firebase project in the cloned directory.

# Install Firebase CLI
npm install -g firebase-tools

# Login to Firebase
firebase login

# Initialise the Firebase project
firebase init
# Enter build when asked about public directory
# Enable functions and hosting
# Say yes to Rewrite URLs prompt

Deploy the functions in order for actions in Live Development Server to work correctly by running firebase deploy --only functions.

Running the app

For development, you can make use of the Live Development Server.

# Install Dependencies
npm install

# Start a Live Development Server
npm start

For production, run the following commands in a terminal.

# Build the React app
npm run build

# Deploy the app
firebase deploy


Sudipto Ghosh


This app is provided under the MIT License.

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