Utility to handle updates to docker configs and secrets
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Docker Config and Secret Update Tool

This utility will update configs and secrets in docker based on a local source file. The configs and secrets are versioned and the version is appended to the config and secret name. An environment variable file is updated with the latest version number of the configs and secrets. This file can then be sourced before deploying a stack in docker to use the latest versions.

The .docker-deploy file

This file contains the following lines:

  • CONFIG_LIST=: space separated list of configs.
  • SECRET_LIST=: space separated list of secrets.
  • ENV_FILE=: filename to update with config and secret variables, defaults to .env. If set to an empty string (""), updates to the environment file are skipped.
  • STACK_NAME=: stack name, used to namespace configs/secrets to automatically cleanup when the stack is removed.
  • For each config name in the list above:
    • CONF_name_SRC_FILE=: filename to read a config from, name is a variable.
    • CONF_name_SRC_TYPE=: change from the default "file" type, can be "latest" to use the most recent version.
    • CONF_name_TGT_NAME=: name of config to create, appended with a version.
    • CONF_name_TGT_VAR=: variable to update in environment file.
  • For each secret name in the list above:
    • SEC_name_SRC_FILE=: filename to read a secret from, name is a variable.
    • SEC_name_SRC_TYPE=: change from the default "file" type, can be "latest" to use the most recent version, and "random" to randomly initialize a value.
    • SEC_name_TGT_NAME=: name of secret to create, appended with a version.
    • SEC_name_TGT_VAR=: variable to update in environment file.
  • OPT_ONLY_LATEST=: set to 1 to prevent old versions of a config/secret from being used, forces creation of a new entry even if old ones match.
  • OPT_PRUNE_UNUSED=: set to 1 to cleanup unused versions of configs and secrets. This currently blindly deletes all configs/secrets other than the active one, ignoring errors from those that are still in use.

An example file could look like:

CONFIG_LIST="app demo"
SECRET_LIST="app passwd"

The .env file

This file will contain lines with each CONF_name_TGT_VAR and SEC_name_TGT_VAR defined in the .docker-deploy file (where name is from the list of configs and secrets).

Using with a compose file

Your compose file will need to define external configs and secrets. With version 3.5 of the compose file, you define external configs and secrets with a name using the following syntax:

version: '3.5'

    external: true
    name: app_conf_${app_conf_ver}
    external: true
    name: app_sec_${app_sec_var}
    image: app_image
      - source: app_conf
        target: /etc/app.conf
        mode: 444
      - source: app_sec
        target: /etc/app.sec
        mode: 400
        uid: "0"

When deploying the stack, you'll want to run:

# update the .env file with this script
# source and export the .env file
set -a && . ./.env && set +a
# deploy the stack with the variables
docker stack deploy -c docker-compose.yml app

Random secrets

These are a 32 character string created with:

base64 -w 0 </dev/urandom | head -c 32

This entry will only be created if missing with a version of 1. Otherwise the latest version of this secret is saved to the environment file.


This script is released under the MIT license.