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A set of online lesson materials for Sudo's "Data Science with R" workshop. This is an R Markdown website built with the blogdown package.

The website is hosted at

Building the website

Before you build anything, make sure you've got the following dependencies installed:

Install R from If on Windows, install RTools as well (might not be required, not sure though).

Open R and install the following packages used in the lessons:

install.packages(c("tidyverse", "pryr", "nycflights13", "gapminder", "devtools"))

The blogdown package is not in the official R package repositories yet, so we'll install it using devtools. If something's not working quite right, you can re-run this command to update to the latest development version as well.


Building the website

Run Rscript -e 'blogdown::serve_site()' on the command line. The website will build and a browser window should open at the local development site.

Publishing changes

To push changes to the Github site, rebuild the website, commit changes to the gh-pages branch, and push to Github. The website should update within a couple minutes. CSS changes might require you to make a commit to a file (even just adding a blank line at the end) before they take effect.

How the site works

The files in the content/ folder contain the actual site content and are probably what you want to edit. Files here can be either Markdown or R Markdown, and will be rendered when you run blogdown::serve_site() in R. For a quick guide to R Markdown, either check out the lesson materials themselves or check out RStudio's cheat sheet. Any files you want to link to (that aren't online or otherwise produced by R) should be placed in the static/ directory. The rendered website is created in the docs/ folder and is what gets served by Github.

The themes and CSS are provided by hugo-alabaster-theme in the themes/ directory. Any theming changes should be made here. Alternatively, you can swap out this theme with another one from