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Sudo 1.9.5p2

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@millert millert released this 26 Jan 18:13
  • Fixed sudo's setprogname(3) emulation on systems that don't provide it.

  • Fixed a problem with the sudoers log server client where a partial write to the server could result the sudo process consuming large amounts of CPU time due to a cycle in the buffer queue. Bug #954.

  • Added a missing dependency on libsudo_util in libsudo_eventlog. Fixes a link error when building sudo statically.

  • The user's KRB5CCNAME environment variable is now preserved when performing PAM authentication. This fixes GSSAPI authentication when the user has a non-default ccache.

  • When invoked as sudoedit, the same set of command line options are now accepted as for sudo -e. The -H and -P options are now rejected for sudoedit and sudo -e, which matches the sudo 1.7 behavior. This is part of the fix for CVE-2021-3156.

  • Fixed a potential buffer overflow when unescaping backslashes in the command's arguments. Normally, sudo escapes special characters when running a command via a shell (sudo -s or sudo -i). However, it was also possible to run sudoedit with the -s or -i flags in which case no escaping had actually been done, making a buffer overflow possible. This fixes CVE-2021-3156.