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My collection of notes, experiments, tips and tricks to write more effectively saved in cloud.
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Notes For The Future

This is my collection of notes, experiments, tips and tricks to write more effectively saved in cloud for the future me.

I get a lot of questions how I write and how I can think of stuff. I have tried my best to answer those here.

Also, this repo would serve as vault to many of my unpublished, on the spot or write while you wait till parents finish shopping works.

Note: These are rough notes, not quality tested. They have't experienced birth nor have they enjoyed life at literaturepolis. Beware of typos, weird grammar or just downright pathetic writing. I'm sorry.


Q.1 If you could time travel and talk to yourself when you were around 10 years old what advice would you give to yourself?

Answer: Just one, read more books. I had a pretty introverted childhood. My school life was fragmented, a broken timeline of geology, culture and tradition, changing 8 schools than spanned two countries and various states inside India. I learnt a lot though. Adapting and never taking any friend for granted. I also don't miss something or someone as I have got used to loosing best friends and memories. It's harsh, you might say but it's what I have become which sometimes is a silver lining and also a curse.

The best thing that had happened to me was reading so many books. I started with manga, Astroboy, moved to Asterix and Obelix, Tintin and Duck Tales. By the age of 8, I was reading around 7-10 double digest comics in a week trying to finish the all the comics in the library. My parent were pushing me to go out, get sun but I sat and read and read.

Result: I got glasses.

Going back to the question, read more books, get some sunshine, don't read in the dark with a torch under your bedsheets and eat more carrots!

Q.2 I'm already x^42 years now! What can I do to improve my writing/reading skills?

Answer: Chuckles, you know what to do don't you? Look up.

Q.3 Can you suggest me some books I should read?

Answer: Sure! Glad you asked! You can look my stuff at for stuff I have read.

It's better to group books so here's the definite Ankit's list of must read books for you to spend your time in Summer:

( in no order or priority )

  1. Character Building:

    • The Song of Ice and Fire, George R.R Martin. Quite long, starts slow (character building!), lot's of "f**k you" moments to the reader but an epic classic.
  2. Imagery, Scene Construction:

    • The Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins. Loved the style of writing, totally recommended.


My Styles


I tend to focus more on environment creation and human emotions. Let me explain with some examples,

Character building.

Longbottom was a mutinous kid. His appearance reflected his life. Frivolous hair, a sharp dirty face and beaten marks. He knew he had to go forward the weary and painful path that his family had laid in the past. Treachery. Deceit. Rotten intentions.

Notice that after I wrote "His appearance reflected his life", I added a paragraph of how he looked. Once you read it'll be obvious that his life wasn't easy.

I also love to use one-two word sentences. Treachery. Deceit. Rotten intentions. Keeping the meaning short and to the point adds more poetry ( I feel so ) to the writing.


Present day. 1789 Olyvie. The Victorian fused steam punk city. Steam and oil drove it’s life. Metal and bismuth gave it’s protection. Corruption and greed of powerful men, were slowly eating it’s glory.

Short sentences give great imagery.


A lovely way to express your anger is by laughing out loud.

Non Fiction



Email Etiquette


  • I’m sure you’re busy and will want time to mull this opportunity over. I’ll follow up in two weeks if I haven’t heard from you.

  • For the project to stay on schedule, I’ll need a response from you in the next 24 hours if possible.

  • I’m a longtime admirer of your work and have the greatest respect for your filmmaking expertise. I would love to ask you a few questions about how you financed your first film. Would you be game for a 15–20 minute phone call next week? My schedule is wide open all day Thursday and Friday if you have availability then. I promise to keep it brief.

Favorite Quotes

Like spider's silk, code flows from my fingertips, defining structures complex and elegant, lightweight yet strong.

Money is just a tool for buying time.

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