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"doorman" - the garage door monitor

This project monitors my garage door and notifies me when it opens or closes, or when it has been open late at night.

It has been through a few changes.

The first version was a two-part solution: an Arduino that was located next to the garage door, and a Python script that ran on an internet- connected (Linux-based) computer. The two pieces communicate over a bluetooth serial connection. The Arduino board could tell whether the door was open or closed by whether or not a magnet on the door was close to a reed switch on the track. The Python script ran in a loop, asking the Arduino to look at the door every few seconds, and then sending a message to my phone if the value changed.

More details can be found at

I showed the project to my neighbor, and he was interested in making one, too. But while I had no problem running the Python script on my always-on Linux mini-server, I did not like the idea of asking him to leave a computer on all the time, just to watch his door.

So we came up with a second version of the project that combines the two pieces together on a Raspberry Pi... a much more self-contained solution. The only external things it needs are power and wifi.

This project contains:

  • the Python script that monitors the door and sends alerts
  • some startup and config files
  • code and schematics from the older Arduino+Python version
  • some pictures


CC0 Public Domain -

A message from the author

This has been a very fun project, and it is useful as well. I hope you enjoy it. If you have questions or comments, please contact me.

Alan Porter (