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This is a simple offline map app for It uses vector tiles and openlayers. It is a work in progress.


Install required node modules.

Clone the repo, cd to the directory and install required node modules:

npm install

Download your map tiles.

You will need an offline map in pbf vector tile format.

Download or create an extract of the area of interest. You can download pre-made extracts in .mbtiles format from OpenMapTiles or custom-defined extracts as a single .osm.pdf file from We'll assume you have a .mbtiles file. The example code is centered on Oakland, CA, so it might be a good idea to download the Bay Area extract for testing.

Install Mapbox

Assuming your downloaded/extracted file is map.mbtiles and assuming you're in the same directory as this file,

Download mbutil and convert:

git clone
cd mbutil/
./mb-util --image_format=pbf ../map.mbtiles ../static/maptiles
cd ../static/maptiles
gzip -d -r -S .pbf * # uncompress
find . -type f -exec mv '{}' '{}'.pbf \; # rename

Ensure the maptiles/ dir is inside the static/ directory.


Build your map by running:

npm run build


To display the map in a browser, run:

firefox static/index.htm

Modifying styles

You can modify custom_style.js to change the styling and show/hide features. The feature names for the data is documented here.


Code is AGPLv3

Icons derived from Font Awesome, CC-BY-SA 4.0

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