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Welcome to the People's Open Node Installer (PONI) Program

People's Open Node Installers, affectionately known as PONIs, are individuals capable of facilitating the installation of a mesh node for the People's Open Network.

To become a "certified" PONI, one must complete the following tasks in the order shown,

  1. Participate in a Node Mount Training and Safety Explanation Session

  2. Contribute to at least one node mount (ideally two, or as many as you need to feel comfortable, this really depends or your experience)

  3. Facilitate at least one node mount

  4. Share what you've learned with another provisional PONI in training.

Node Mount Training and Safety Explanation

This can occurr either at a community learning space (such as the Omni Commons) or on-site at a node mount location, prior to participating in a node installation.

To complete this task, you should familiarize yourself with the material in this repo and have a conversation with a certified PONI about the material. You should be able to show understanding of best practices and necessary skills for node mounting.

Contribute to a Node Mount

This means going along with a certified PONI on a node mount. In doing so, you will learn the steps involved in mounting a node, become familiar with equipment, and practice interacting with the node owner.

After you've contributed to enough node mounts to feel comfortable, you may consider yourself a "provisional" PONI. Once you've assigned yourself this status, you may now attempt to facilitate a node mount of your own.

Facilitate a Node Mount

Any provisional PONI may facilitate a People's Open Node Installation. This means finding someone from our list of potential node locations (or just call a friend, family member, co-worker), scheduling the installation, performing day-of coordination, and completing the install.

Share what you learned

After you've facilitated a mount, the final step to becoming a certified PONI is to document the mount and share any knowledge you gained from it. To do this update a Trello card, contribute to this repo, or just talk to another PONI about what you learned.

Most inportantly, you should also begin assiting provisional PONIs in completeing the first three tasks by holding training sessions, participating in node mounts, and facilitating node mounts of your own.

Congrats! Now you're a PONI

If this all seems a little scary, don't fret little PONI, there are others who can help walk you through these steps and make sure you are the best PONI you can be! Giddy up!