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Welcome To The Node Whisperer Program

Node whisperers explain how (exit/home) nodes work and keep them from misbehaving by troubleshooting, preparing bug fixes, applying patches, implementing new features and upgrading software. To become a node whisperer, you should be able to show someone how to build your own internet by configuring one, (ideally two) home node(s) (see walkthrough) to use a custom, self-created exitnode. This also includes showing how babeld and tunneldigger work together by using (and improving!) babeld-lab and tunneldigger-lab on the home and exit nodes using tools like ip route , ip addr, tcpdump .

Existing node whisperers include @juul, @paidforby, @eenblam, @bennlich, and @jhpoelen - talk to them if you'd like to learn how to whisper too.

notes and discussion

Some folks chat in the #learning channel about topics covered during in-person node-whisperer sessions:


  1. understanding of ip addresses, internet routing, osi model.
  2. git / github
  3. ssh
  4. tunneldigger
  5. babeld


ingredients (internet-in-a-box?) a) laptop with ethernet port b) 2 homenodes c) 1 exitnode (locally/remote)

  1. re-enact packet routing in person by passing pieces of paper around
  2. show packets arriving at an exit node
  3. trace packets from a laptop, via a home node to an exit node to the "internet"
  4. draw the topology of the mesh network using the routing table
  5. draw the paths packets take in the topology using traceroute
  6. turn off babeld on both home node and exit node, and use "ip" to manually create routes, recreating the path as seen in 3.
  7. describe the steps you would take to debug a peoplesopen ssid that does not provide a path to the internet.
  8. same as 7. but then a path to other home nodes.
  9. login to a homenode via a exit node
  10. login to a homenode via public ssid
  11. re-start tunnel digger (following tunneldigger-lab)


Node Whisperer Program is designed to help guide what you need to know to tell others how to operate a mesh network







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